Sunday, January 18, 2015

From Modi to Bedi- Why BJP is still a bunch of lies

There are some simple questions that I would ask all BJP supporters to answer with factual data. If you plan top some random questions(*a very lame list which we always see on facebook) against Kejriwal in response, then I will consider that you do not have any answers.

1) What was the cost for Modi's rally in Delhi? (The garland around Modi's neck itself was more than 15000) Could this money have been used for some better purpose?

2) 100 days are over, where is the black money that BJP promised to bring back in 100 days? If there are legal hurdles, didn't the BJP know about the legal complications before making the claims?

3) "Bahot hua Bhrashtachar, Ab ki Bar Modi Sarkar".In the last 7 months, has the BJP government taken against Corruption? Is there any quantitative difference in corruption since the formation of the BJP government?

4) The BJP promised better education in it's 2013 Delhi Elections Manifesto. Since there are 100+ MCD schools in Delhi and the BJP is fully in control of the MCD, can it be assumed that the MCD schools have seen a complete overhaul in the last one year? Assuming that there is no other party called BJP that is ruling the MCD in Delhi.

5) The Delhi Police comes under the Central Government. 6 months over, what excuse does the BJP have for not making ANY improvements to the safety of women in Delhi. Is it waiting to form the government in Delhi and give the "The Police is under the Central Govt" excuse?.

6) Can Kiran Bedi ensure that not a single politician with criminal background is given a ticket to contest elections?

7) How can we trust ANY BJP leader when the PM himself was seen campaigning for criminals during the Maharashtra polls?

8) Kiran Bedi has always supported transparency in politics. Can she now help in publishing the list of donors, the exact donation and the expenses incurred by the BJP in Delhi?

9) What are BJP and Kiran Bedi's plans for implementing a strong Lokayukta in Delhi considering that Modi himself diluted the powers of the Lokayukta in Gujarat?

10) Have you ever seen a PM of any country criticizing a politician of a small party during a state election? Has PM Modi completed all his work that he has excess time to campaign for elections in Delhi?

11) What has been the contribution of MCD (BJP ruled in Delhi) for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? If the BJP really is serious about it, then what is stopping the MCD from transforming Delhi? It is already more than 3 months since the brilliant initiative was flagged off?

12) What is the status of the Lokpal Panel under the BJP government? Why hasn't the Lokpal been appointed yet?

13) Continuing point 12, Kiran Bedi strongly favored the current Lokpal Bill. Can she please tell us how many people have been convicted under the Lokpal Act? Oh sorry, the Panel is still being formed.

14) The funds reserved for Health and Education have been cut down by the government. Yes, the fiscal deficit is very high, but is cutting expenses for the 2 basic necessities the only way out?

15) How many children per woman does the BJP government finally promote?

16) Was the issues of "Coversion, re-conversion and Ghar Wapsi" more important for a country trying to recover from a policy paralysis? How many important bills/amendments focusing on the welfare of the poor were discussed and passed during the Winter session?

17) What happened to the Article 370 debate that the BJP had promised before the Lok Sabha elections? Also, since PDP is strictly in favor of article 370 in Kashmir, why was the BJP looking for a coalition government with PDP? Well, I don't know whether article 370 should be debated or not, but I do know that BJP has made a big U-turn.

18) What do you have to say about BJP councilors like these:

19) Has the BJP published any report card of the work done by its MLAs during the last one year?

20) Since there were so many fingers pointed at Kejriwal's past, can the BJP clarify why Kiran Bedi absconded from duty on several occasions? (Well doesn't concern me at all, but this is somewhat BJP's agenda for the Delhi elections against Kejriwal)

21) The BJP supported the Land Acquisition Act when it was passed under UPA rule. Suddenly, it wants to bring an ordinance and modify the existing laws. Was the BJP not serious while supporting the law earlier, or is it playing with the farmers now? Did it act in the interest of the nation on both the occasions?

22) The BJP is against Drugs in Punjab. Then why is it an ally of the SAD? Why can't it openly declare that is supports the fight against Drugs in Punjab and will not tolerate any non-sense? Double standards, why?

23) The list of BJP candidates has still not been announced. Are the tickets going to be sold again? If not, then shouldn't the people of Delhi be well informed about the candidates well in advance?

24) As an extension to point 23, since the BJP hardly has any good candidates, is Modi alone going to represent all 70 candidates? Isn't this BJP's mockery of democracy?

25) The BJP shouted and screamed at Shazia Ilmi's leaked video.
Since Shazia is now a part of BJP (thank god the embarassing lady is out of AAP), can you please justify Shazia's comments since the same explanation was asked from AAP?

26) Has anything extra been done for soldiers who lost their lives recently at the border during ceasefire violations?

27) Adding another point on corruption, we all know the huuuge scams under UPA rule. Surprisingly, not even a single scam or discrepancy has been unearthed by the BJP in the last 7 months regarding UPA's policies and decisions. Can we assume that the BJP government does not see any corruption done by the UPA government?

Looking for answers to these questions. More to follow soon.

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