Friday, January 22, 2016

Hate Kejriwal, but appreciate his work!

About me-

I'm pro-Modi, Anti-BJP, pro-AAP, anti-Kejriwal.

Was a true AAP supporter until Kejriwal lost his sense and became a psychopath on a mindless spree to eliminate anyone who speaks against him and eventually swaying away from the very basic principles of AAP. But these are some plain facts without any personal opinion. Coming up next- 50 reasons to dislike Kejriwal.

(Bhakts and AAPtards please refrain from commenting necessarily).

  1. Saved 123 crores in construction of flyover.

  1. Sanctioned saved money for providing free medicines at Government hospitals.

  2. Waived user charges at all government hospitals.

  3. Medicines prescribed by hospital doctors to be given free.

  4. Launched cycle sharing service to promote cycling.

  5. Ended management quota in schools.

  6. Removal of corrupt officials-

  7. Night shelter for homeless-

  8. Wifi and CCTVs in buses- pilot project launched.

  9. Promoting cleanliness in schools-

  10. Filling up vacant posts for teachers in government schools-

  11. Conversion of 30 acres of land to build a complex of 10 schools-


  12. Being acknowledged by event organizers (NH7 weekender)-

  13. Delhi Education Amendment act-

  14. Construction of new toilets, specially in slums-

  15. Launched Delhi's first polyclinic to provide accessible health care services to citizens-


  16. No bribes disguised as Diwali gifts-

  17. Self-attestation of documents to speed up government processes and decrease dependence on Gazetted officers-

  18. Transparency! Ever seen this in India?

  19. Action against corrupt cabinet ministers-

  20. Regulating prices in case of severe demand

  21. Moving towards solar energy in Delhi-

  22. Wifi zone at Dilli Haat-
  23. Loans for education-

  24. Redundant syllabus- out!

  25. Something for enjoyment as well..

  26. Enquiry ordered to probe CNG Fitness scam-

  27. Restaurant based Tourism Hubs.

  28. Paperless governance

  29. E-offices.

  30. Rural development board gives clearance to 315 schemes.

  31. CAG's support on Discoms hiding profits

  32. Scholarships for the talented.

  33. Linking government hospitals, adding more beds-

  34. Adding beds to new hospital at a nominal cost.
    (Last para)

  35. Witness protection program-
  36. Increase in circle rate of land for farmers-

  37. Proposal to run trams in old Delhi.

  38. Financial support to the economically weaker section-

  39. Reduction in VAT from 12.5 to 5%.

  40. Plans to make Delhi an international tourist destination.

  41. GPS in water tankers to monitor their location and curb their misuse.

  42. Trial run of waste water treatment plant-

  43. No power tarrif hike.

  44. Focus on ending License Raj

  45. 110 new ambulances to be procured.

  46. Cheap canteens not restricted to politicians now.

  47. Tax evading firms seized.

  48. Regulating fees of private schools

  49. First Mohalla clinic opened. 1000 more to go.

  50. 106% increase in education budget (loved it!)

  51. Education loan for all students.

  52. Wifi in schools and colleges during 2015-16.
  53. Health care is the focus.
  54. Beds and schools everywhere.
  55. 1 crore to martyrs as a policy.
  56. Power companies to pay consumers for power cuts (proposed only?)
  57. Cutting trees to be costlier, though still not good enough.
  58. More buses.
  59. Better sanitation.
  60. Much awaited relief to Dwarka.
  61. Lets make it online.
  62. Biogas power plant in East Delhi to generate more electricity.
  63. The attitude.
  64. More areas get water.
  65. Intolerant of corruption in education.
  66. Free drugs to charitable dispensaries.
  67. The first of all poll promises. Free free free water.
  68. #Swag.
  69. School grounds and stadiums opened/
  70. Simplification of VAT
  71. And 50% reduction in electricity bills!
  72. You more to share? Post the URL in the comments section.

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