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Aam aadmi Party and Kejriwal- All questions answered!

The internet today seems like a war zone between the supporters of BJP, Congress and now the Aam Aadmi party. The BJP and Congress supporters have left no stone un-turned to point fingers at Arvind Kejriwal and his team. From being called Congress' B-Team, to being referred as 'Khujliwal'- there is no accusation that has not been made against the Aam Aadmi Party. Well, here I am to clarify some of the very basic questions going around on the internet. Some quick facts:

Who is Arvind Kejriwal?
  • IIT- Kharagpur Passout (Mechanical Engg)
  • Former IRS Officer
  • former Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department
  • One of the Activists who gave India one of the most powerful rights- the Right to Information
  • Winner of Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in 2006
  • Founded Public Cause Research Foundation along with Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia.
  • Founded a movement named 'Parivartan' in 1999 to educate the poor about their rights and taxes
  • Used RTI to expose the irregularities in water, electricity and PDS distribution even before joining the Jan-Lokpal Movement.
  • Many more, but lets keep it short for now.
To start with, AAP is not the B-team of Congress or BJP. The strange fact is that Congress calls it BJPs B-Team and BJP does the same! AAP will not cut BJP’s vote share, infact BJP and Congress will together cut AAPs vote share. BJP hardly got any votes during the previous elections, AAP wasn’t there that time! What and who stopped BJP from winning the elections? Will they blame Congress for cutting their votes in the previous elections?
The reality is that had BJP done exceptionally well during the last 2 years (ONLY 2 years is what I’m keeping the threshold), it would’ve never been scared of a new party like AAP. But it knows that it hasn’t done anything during the last 15 years, and hence, uski fatti padi hai. Same goes for Congress now.  
Instead of making irrelevant comments, the BJP should come up with strong plans for the capital city. Sadly, they can only the issues raised by AAP.

Also, please watch this video before starting, it might save you from the trouble of reading this post.

Now coming to the questions:
  1. Kejriwal used Anna so that he could enter politics? This is probably the biggest myth that is going around on the internet. If Arvind really wanted to use Anna, he would've done everything possible to pull him into his party. But Arvind has been selfless and respected Anna's decision. Though initially it was decided that Anna would also join Arvind (I was present at Jantar Mantar during all the protests and also when the party was announced), it was Anna's decision to stay away from politics. 
One wants to clean the parliament from the outside, the other has a much more aggressive approach of sweeping the parliament from the inside. Same goal, different routes. Never has Arvind used Anna's name without permission, nor made any accusations or claims. Then how on earth did he use Anna? They were together for the Jan Lokpal, that does not mean he used Anna. Tomorrow if Kiran Bedi joins politics, everyone will scream that Kiran used Anna. Only if we start thinking beyond accusations will we see the real purpose, and that is too clean India.

Infact Arvind even offered to give Anna all the money collected from the movement.

2.    During his tenure as IAS officer, how many corrupt people did Arvind kejriwal bust?

Arvind was a real activist and fought for the needs of those who were deprived of the basic necessities. While most of us busy comment on facebook and think we have done a lot for the country, this man decided to work at the grassroot level. Year 2002, when we were happily supporting UPA, this man went to the streets to raise awareness about the taxes. He wanted the masses to know how they were being looted, and creating awareness was the way to go.
Do watch this video before continuing.

Infact, he used the RTI to expose some of the most corrupt deals made by the government. He went to the extent of exposing how the World Bank dominated the Indian government. (2008)

He dared to dream of an India free of corruption during his tenure as IRS. That dream was not possible by just exposing 2-3 people around him. And so he became a full time activist.

3. So Arvind and Aam Aadmi Party only expose criminals but they never lodge cases against the culprits. Umm okay!
So lets analyze this with facts. How many politicians have been convicted by the CBI since independence? Here is the list of politicians who have been under trial. 

As you can see, even the CBI investigations have been unable to get these politicians punished. With such a dismal rate of conviction despite strong proofs floating in the media, only a handful of politicians have been convicted till now. 

We all know about Kalmadi, Raja. Well Kalmadi is again a member of a parliamentary board, and Raja will be acquitted soon too.

When the whole of India is watching criminals walk free, is it only Arvind's responsibility to gather proofs, make press statements, lodge cases, fight for years, be threatened for his entire life and then see the criminals walking free? All the proofs were openly presented in the public domain. Anyone can take the case forward, why don't the others do it? Why is only Kejriwal pointed all the time? Why doesn't Modi lodge a case against Vadra? Why doesn't Digvijay lodge a case against Gadkari? 

These people never even bother to expose their rival politicians, Arvind has dared to break the norms. They have power, money to fight cases, but not the will. Arvind has the will, but sadly no power and money. 
And then he is accused of being a 'hit and run' publicity seeking person. 

He has challenged the Gandhi family by exposing Vadra. See what news reporters think about Kejriwal. They had the news related to Salman Khusrhid but no news agency had the guts to bring the proofs to the public domain. Rethink!

Kejriwal exposed Vadra, Salman Khurshid and still he is called Congress' B-Team? In fact he in a way has helped BJP to get atleast some more votes by snatching them away from Congress.

4. What had Narendra Modi got to do in his speech and banners at Jantar Mantar when Sikhs were protesting against Sajjan Kumar? Really? Where are the banners? Where is Modi's name? He talks about muslims in Gujarat, does that in any way point at Modi? Chor ki daadhi mein tinka?

Also, there were banners that were being carried by the Sikh's against Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi for not taking a stand for the sikhs, and since the Aam Aadmi party volunteers were also present at the venue, some people clicked photos and publicized the same without knowing the actual facts. 

Why would Kejriwal carry anti-Modi banners to a Sikh protest? Anyone who has the ability to think and can apply logic should know that this allegation is absurd! 

5. Why dreaded Maoist leaders such as Binayak Sen, who have been convicted by Court, are in AAP core Reforms team?
Firstly read who Binayak Sen is.

 He is someone who fights for human rights of innocent tribal people who are victimized by being branded as Naxalites. Moreover, the court has clearly stated that he is not guilty of sedition. A person who has been internationally awarded several times for working for the welfare of the rural people is a terrorist? So are we so narrow minded that anyone who fights for the rights of the poor is anti-Indian? Do read about naxalites as well to understand the real issue.
Infact even Jairam Naresh feels that Naxalites are an outcome of failed government policies:
I'm not here to support Naxalites and their violence, but have we done enough to make them give up their arms? See how the very basic rights guaranteed by the constitution were never given to them.

6. Kejriwal did not target Pawar in his irrigation expose? Well, Kejriwal has always been running after Sharad Pawar's life. Sadly, the media never covers such news. I was there at Jantar Mantar during the July protests and Arvind presented hundreds of proofs against Sharad Pawar during his speeches. No media house covered it. Not just Arvind, every Aam Aadmi Party's member has constantly exposed Sharad Pawar on a number of issues.

7. Arvind got funds from the Ford foundation for his NGO. Dangerous?
This is the easiest to answer.

Kejriwals NGO took donations in 2005 and 2008 from Ford, total being $369,000 which both the parties have admitted, and even the investigations have shown. This amount is roughly 2.02crores. Do you think that such a small amount can be used to start revolutions in countries? In fact this amount was used completely for spreading awareness on the RTI act. Apart from this, there has been no donation from Ford after 2008 and there has been no interaction between the two parties. 

2.02 crores! This is what Shiela Dikshit gulps down in 1 day through corruption, while Kejriwal utilized such the same amount for the betterment of the nation. 2.02 crores are not enough to make a stage for Modi's rally, and you say Kejriwal was using the money to cause chaos in India?!

I have read about the Ford Foundation and it was nowhere associated with the JanLokpal Movement. If accepting money from foreign organizations is a crime, then probably Congress and BJP should be banned from India.

So is Kejriwal the only Indian to have received such funding? Click on the link below, change the filter on the left side from 'All regions' to 'India'. You will see the most astonishing list. IITs, IIMs, National Law University and all major government funded institutions have received funding from the Ford Foundation. Why has the government never acted against this funding? Why was Kejriwal pointed out if this funding was so dangerous? Is it not dangerous for IITs and IIMs? Mr. Digvijay misguided everyone against Kejriwal, and the innocent believed him.

In fact the Magsaysay Award money given to Kejriwal was also donated by him towards his NGO. These are all facts verified by government audits when they gave a clean chit to all the NGOs run by members of IAC. 

8. How is the internal Lokpal of AAP different from Congress’ CBI?

So you do accept that the CBI is totally under the control of the government. So you will admit it belongs to BJP as well.
From the very first day, the Aam Aadmi Party has always asked for a CBI free from government control. Does BJP want that?
Does any other political party even have an internal investigative agency? We all know how tickets are sold for elections, has any party ever investigated its own party?
The Aam Aadmi Party is setting the rules here.

The CBI should be answerable to the people at the very least. The CBI investigators are paid heavily by the government to drop criminal charges against politicians. They get preferable posts, transfers, ‘gifts’ etc etc. The CBI is super corrupt, we all know it.

But the internal lokpal members won’t get goodies or preferred transfers in the Aam aadmi party. One of them is a retired Naval Chief and the other is a renowned Human Rights activist. They are not ‘chaaploos’ people. What will they get by being corrupt in the AAP? They will only end up spoiling their image. For these people, it is not about money like the CBI. They joined the internal lokpal to bring about transparency. 

A detailed report on Mayank gandhi against whom a case was filed. Don't make judgments without going through the report.

Even complaints against candidates have been taken seriously by the internal lokpal and clear reports have been provided. What else do you want?! They can not go to the CBI and ask them to investigate an internal matter! Is there any other alternative other than an internal lokpal? Suggestions invited.

9. Why does Kejriwal handpick Gujarat everytime when he talks about fake encounters?

Fake Encounters in any state or for any reason are condemnable. But why do we get so uneasy when we say Gujarat? Because It is the state of the future PM candidate of India, someone who is being seen as India’s face after 2014. Again, bada chor chotta chor. Uske yahan zada log marte hai, usey pakdo, mujhe nahi. No matter where people die, it is always India’s loss. And more importantly humanity’s loss. If kejriwal stops talking about Gujarat and points to Naxals, he will be branded as a Naxalite.If he talks about fake encounters in Kashmir (and we all know they happen everyday), he will be branded as anti-Indian! If he talks about the North-east, he will become a Gorkha supporter! Allegations, they will never die no matter what you do.

I still wonder how I will be able to accept Modi as the PM of India when the international community despises him for mass-killings.

New York Times and Modi-

10. Why did Kejriwal not campaign for the BJP govt. of Uttarakhand even though they passed Anna’s Lokayukta Bill?

Duh! So that he is called BJP’s B-team? If they support BJP, then what is the point of having a new political party? They implemented the Lokayaukta only in one state.
At the same time, BJPs heavenly state GUJARAT has passed a bill which has killed the powers of the Lokayukta! The PM candidates state is killing the Lokayukta so that they can easily accept bribes and get away. Why has Modi been silent on such a huge decision? Does it not clearly show that Modi is not serious about corruption in his state?

Even the CAG report held Modi accountable for a loss of 17000 crore. I agree that almost half of it is in the form of investment which will help propel Gujarat’s future. But what about the other half? If a person can get away with almost a 7000 crore scam in his state, then probably he is UPA-3.

11. AAP is socialist/Leftist and their ideology is not good for the economy?

This is the most failed allegation. There are in no way socialist or capitalist. According to their website, they are where the solution lies. How? Let’s see.

·         They have decided to restructure Delhi’s tax system so that businesses can pay taxes honestly. Yes, that’s coming from an ex-IRS officer who definitely knows more than the current policy makers.
·         The infamous red-tape bureaucracy which stops new businesses from taking off will be done away with. That means it’ll be easier to start businesses.

·        They are the first ones to speak up against the socialist policies. Kejriwal has infact mentioned this in his book Swaraj, that more the incentives you provide to the poor, the more lethargic they become. They will not try to rise above the poverty line if they are getting free ration, and even if they are above the poverty line, they wil show themselves as poor. This mentality has to be done away with if we have to progress. Socialist, really?
·         Most of the trade unions have joined AAP, so are they really anti businesses?
·         Let’s take an example to understand AAP’s ideology.
o   A rural place. Suppose there is an amount of money with the government and a hospital, a school and some industries need to be opened. The first priority will obviously be School and Hospitals!
o   An urban place which already has schools and hospitals would require more capital and therefore with the same money industries would be promoted.

Therefore, their ideology is where the solution lies.
Please see the most important video shared to understand this.

12. Bharat Mata’s picture was removed in later anshans/protests by Kejriwal?

Absolutely RUBBISH! Earlier someone said that they have stopped saying “Inquilab Zindabad’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ in the public gatherings. What nonsense! They still use the same slogans with the same intensity. The first line of every member’s speech is “Bharat Mata ki Jai”!

Every volunteer shouts these slogans, wholeheartedly, with extreme passion. These allegations are as stupid as why Kejriwal uses the symbol of broom on his posters, pehle toh nahi kia!
And then if he uses his party’s symbol ‘Jhaadu’ and bharat mata on one poster, people will scream that our ‘Bharat Mata’ has been insulted! Why can’t we get over trivial issues like slogans, posters and start talking about the real issues?

13. AAPs stand on Ram Janmbhoomi? 

If I say yes, they will make a temple, will it help you and your family? Will it bring water in your taps, give you employment, repair the road around your home, give you 24x7 electricity, safety for the women at your home, better health the way Americans get, equal education for everyone, a decent standard of living, clean roads, better planned cities, corruption free India etc? Sadly the Americans did not have any Ram janmbhoomi to fight for. Warna aaj wo bhi humari tarah ro rahe hote ki mandir wahin banayenge, chahe ghar pe bhookhe nange so jayenge. Use your brain, what has BJP, VHP, RSS, Congress given you in the name of Ram temple? Only hatred, communalism.

 Kejriwal did not target Navin Jindal, Pawan Bansal,Virbhadra Singh CM of Himachal Pradesh even though they are corrupt?

And now if he makes a press conference, the media will call him hungry for fame. He can expose everyone, but a better approach now is not to expose them, but to eliminate them all together. Let him come to power, he will make the Ambanis run for their life, half of Delhi Congress will be in jail. But first give him the chance.
Why do we expect him to be the superman of India without trusting him? We are not ready to give him power, and then we say he is of no use. Insane logic.

14. Aap workers gobbled down food meant for the uttarakhand victims arranged by Baba Ramdev?

Lame! The volunteers were there to help the people. How many of us went to Uttarakhand to save people? Even then we gobbled food at home with a pitiful look while watching the news.

They were human volunteers, not robots who could save people without themselves having food! When there was no food available anywhere, should the AAP volunteers die of hunger? Or should they order Dominoz pizzas online? Weren’t volunteers from other parties gobbling the same food, or had they brought tiffins from their homes in Delhi.
Or, did any party even send volunteers?

16. Arvind and his wife were never transferred out of Delhi, does this mean they were corrupt?

This question should be answered by the BJP and UPA together as to why he was never transferred out of Delhi since both have them have been in power during his tenure as an IRS officer. So will they please tell us why he was never transferred? 

It can probably mean they were honest and these departments never wanted them to get transferred.
More importantly if there were any ‘favours’, then why didn’t the government expose it and send him to jail for being dishonest? What is Vijay Goel waiting for? Why doesn’t Shiela Dikshit say it openly? Why was the CBI investigation against them closed without any allegations if they are corrupt? Simply because the government couldn’t find any proofs against them.

According to this document, point 5.3, an officer upto the level of commissioner can stay in an area for upto 8-16 years. Since Kejriwal joined in 1995 (news source TOI) and took 2 years leave from 2000-2002, he really wasn't in the line for urgent transfers. He left the IRS much after completing 7-8 years of official period which lies in the safe zone. His wife has been switched between departments because of which she hasn;t been transferred either. Any doubts?

 Read about his wife's departments

What I can see is that if tomorrow Arvind breathes openly, he will be questioned on what moral responsibility is he polluting India’s air!

Did Kejriwal siphon away salary from IT deptt? 

Well, he was on study leave from 2000-2002, and it was the IT departments fault to have given him salary for that period. Just goes to show how inefficient our departments are! And he did pay back the entire amount back to the government. 

17. Who asked Kejriwal to go on Amaran Anshan and then break it?
Because we all know that his life is more precious than the ridiculous politics played by the government. The government had strangled the media and stopped the coverage of protests. There was no point waiting for the government to respond when it was absolutely clear that they were least interested in Anna and Arvind’s Anshan.

Nobody asked him, true. But that is what the difference between Kejriwal and us is. He is fighting even though nobody has ever asked him to do so. We on the other hand, are the ones who are more interested in reading stupid facebook comments and doing absolutely no work for the country.

He knew that now there was not point going on Amaran Anshan for their demands. And hence it was time to form the Aam Aadmi Party.
Ab ghar mein ghus ke saaf karna hai, bahar bhooka baith ke nahi.

18. Imam Bukhari and Kejriwal’s relations with him.

Imam Bukhari is definitely one of the most powerful muslim leaders who has openly supported the Samajwadi Party. But has he ever shown any support for AAP? Has Kejriwal ever invited him to share the stage with him, or attend a public rally? Has AAP ever asked him to join them? Is he there even as an outside member of AAP? Then how can one raise questions about Arvind’s relations with Imam Bukhari? Moreover, there has hardly ever been any public sighting of them together. But even then, some idiots will raise questions!

It is not Imam Bukhari who is supporting AAP. It is the highly educated, intellectual muslim scholars from renowned universities who have joined the Aam Aadmi Party. And yes, there is a proper press release associated with this coalition.

The press release: 

19. Is AAP wooing muslims and playing the politics on the basis of religion?

So if muslims join the party, should it be treated as religion-based politics? When Sikhs join AAP, no one raises a finger. When Hindus join AAP, nobody raises questions. But why does everyone start pointing fingers when muslims become a part of the cause? Never during our freedom struggle were we so divided, as we are now. Thanks to the BJP, Congress, SP, BSP etc etc. All shit.

20. AAP does not respond to RTI queries?

Well, I’ve seen the questions asked in the RTI queries. They are the dumbest and the most frivolous questions that can be asked to AAP. Infact I’ve answered most of them. But still, I’m sure there are greater question AAP will answer. This is just the beginning.

  • Every donation is there on the website. Has any party even dared to take such a small step?
  • They have issued the report of the internal audit with every paisa accounted for
  • Every candidate has been selected after a rigorous selection procedure
  • Infact, when one allegations were made against one candidate, the investigation was done again and the report was published publicly

21 AAP’s stand on Kashmir after Prashant Bhushan’s statement?

The trickiest of all questions. Prashant Bhushan made a very controversial statement that almost every Indian has condemned. It was his personal view, as everyone around has completely distanced himself from his statement. Does that make it the official view of the party?

Certainly NOT. The official statement has not been released, but I’m sure once it is released, it will be something that India has always longed for. A peaceful Kashmir completely integrated with India.

Infact, even Prashant Bhushan spoke about better governance in Kashmir by involving the people. Here is a clarification fro him:

Probably this will show what a common Kashmiri feels about India. Please don’t be idiotic enough to abuse the writer, she has expressed her views and feelings. Probably had you been a Kashmiri and seen your family members being killed, the army moving around your house, curfews, deaths of innocents in terrorist attacks and protests, AFSPA, no development, alienation from India by being terrorist suspects when they plan to move out of Kashmir, you might realize the pain. 

23. Batla House Issue, one of the biggest!

Well Kejriwal got this one wrong. His letter to the muslims claiming the encounter was fake is something that has caused an uproar against him. Probably it was wrong and he should be condemned for it. They demanded an independent inquiry into the incident which every political party did. The difference was that these people filed a PIL to seek an independent investigation, while the others only played vote bank politics.

The videos that have been presented as proofs against Kejiwal show exactly the same. Asking for an independent inquiry is NOT a crime, it is everyone's right. It was the Congress and BJP that politicized this issue and everyone wanted to know the truth. So what is wrong in asking for an independent inquiry? I won't question the the genuineness of the encounter. There are equally convincing stories on both the sides. 

In favour:
How the police decoded the IM terrorists hiding in Batla House

Youtube video on why the Batla House encounter is fake

And yes, issues like these make me realize that nobody is perfect. Arvind and team have faltered at times and this was one of those errors, but they are not here to appease people by playing vote bank politics. They are not as shrewd and politically correct as some of the leaders. But they definitely are honest, and i have faith in their honesty.

Some of the other questions are not even worth answering. Kumar Vishwas insulting Lord Shiva (a joke that was cut into pieces and uploaded on youtube, originally by the very famous Surendra Sharma on DD National which the entire country enjoyed), Shazia Ilmi attending a SIMI event(No proof except a fake poster by Tejinder Singh Bagga).
Also, a picture of Kejriwal with Sudheer Bittu which has no information whatsoever (I am still looking for details about the criminal cases against him, his meeting with Kejriwal, the discussion, if any support was offered, if any 'compromises' were made, if there has been any illegal donation etc etc. ). If you start making claims on pictures, then Modi has been seen bowing down to Shiela, so BJP is Congress' B-team! Had Kejriwal done the same, bas sab chaddh jate uspe! Absolutely pathetic mindset.

But we here at AAP are not stupid enough to make such claims.

Despite these efforts, there will be scumbags who will still point fingers at Kejriwal, without looking for the actual reasons. I’m not saying that AAP is a perfect party. Even I have felt let down at times with their decisions. There are policies which even I’ve found wrong. But here, we the people have a choice to be heard, unlike the other political parties. And I’m glad they are quick to take action and correct the wrong policies.

In case you still have some silly doubts left, then follow this discussion, find me in the comments below the post:

One last question to the ones supporting BJP. Vijay Goel for CM, seriously?! Where was he during the last 15 years? Was he even alive? How did he suddenly spring to power after AAP started sweeping delhi? So many questions can be asked to Vijay Goel.
And to finally end the argument, here are some of the awards received by Arvind Kejriwal. These 8 agencies found him honest on all parameters, but we are finding it difficult to trust him.

Awards received by Arvind Kejriwal:

  1. 2004: Ashoka Fellow, Civic Engagement
  2. 2005: 'Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award', IIT Kanpur for his campaign for bringing transparency in Governmentcha
  3. 2006: Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership
  4. 2006: CNN-IBN, 'Indian of the Year' in Public Service
  5. 2009: Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur for Eminent Leadership
  6. 2009: Awarded a grant and fellowship by the Association for India's Development.
  7. 2010: Policy Change Agent of the Year, The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence along with Aruna Roy
  8. 2011: NDTV Indian of the Year along with Anna Hazare
Hope to see some healthy criticism supported by facts and links to relevant articles.

Jai Hind and Thank You!
Manish Paul


  1. Bjp was in centre from 98-2004, tell him to ask bjp govt.
    Write 35 Question of your own to modi like

  2. Manish ji, very well researched and Answered...I am really proud to be an AAP supporter..who has a company of ppl like you who dare to slap these ignorant people who keep on polluting social Media with some Bulls--t.

  3. I read it and one more question came up in my mind and this is here-
    When Arvind was fasting in 2012 movement at jantar Mantar. Government took strange steps like banning media coverage, even did not send any political person and aslo did not give any kind of attention to kajriwal's Movement in Short, we all know this right?
    My question is this why government took such suicide and from where government have got such kind of confidence of banning media coverage and all?
    I guess there was something which already had been settled between congress party and Arvind Kajriwal. Congress Government and Kajriwal reactions were suspicious because of government reactions Kajriwal took step to create a political party. Was this Anasan Darama was already have been booked? this all was shocking to me at that time but now after having reading your statement it's clear in my mind that there was something wrong and I am sure Kajriwal is not right person to vote as he is not trustworthy.

    1. Why government took such steps is crystal clear. They thought that if there was no coverage given to him, a repeat of Anna's December fast would happen. However you are free to interpret as per your capability.

    2. My question is this why government took such suicide and from where government have got such kind of confidence of banning media coverage and all?
      Answer: However I might be wrong as I can only predict others strategy and can not claim to be right. Congress did not wanted the message to reach to Aam Aadmi. And to Suicidal step, they did not think it that way. They were making there life easy by not allowed the coverage and might have thought that it will put team Anna down.

      Now you have written, "I guess there was something which already had been settled between congress party and Arvind Kajriwal. Congress Government and Kajriwal reactions were suspicious because of government reactions Kajriwal took step to create a political party."
      Please clarify that if it was planned then is it not suicidal for Congress? Why Congress wanted Arvind to create a party?

      You also written, " this all was shocking to me at that time but now after having reading your statement it's clear in my mind that there was something wrong and I am sure Kajriwal is not right person to vote as he is not trustworthy."
      So who is trustworthy. Whom do you feel to vote. I really appreciate if you closely analyze your candidates and vote the right person for the post. If you did not feel any person as right then Reject them. Its all we want and its the only thing which you can do for the betterment of our Country.

  4. what an articles. mindblowing! precise to the point. and extremly thought provoking. any neutral minded should now be convinced about the better alternative of AAP policies

  5. Manish,

    Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your effort.
    This blog makes my life easier in answering questions I face... :-)


  6. Amazing Article. Something I have been thinking was needed, especially because people keep asking old questions again and again.

    Brilliant work. I am going to publicize this piece like crazy :)

  7. This is amazing. This is like a FAQ for me.Perfect answers for all.

  8. In case you still have some doubts left, then follow this discussion. You can find me in the comments below the post:

  9. Manish Paul. In this list of 23 questions, two were most important - 9 and 23. And none got satisfactory response from you. In fact on question # 23, you acknowledged that "Well Kejriwal got this one wrong. His letter to the muslims claiming the encounter was fake is something that has caused an uproar against him. Probably it was wrong and he should be condemned for it".

    Corruption and communalism are two evils of Indian society. People are fed up of them and want peace. But these psuedo secular parties will not let the people live in peace. I was committed voter of AAP but was disappointed to see Kejriwal parroting lines of Congress on Batla, Ishrat and now muzaffarnagar.

    Manish, if you did not have satisfactory answers to most critical areas of the questions, then you should not have bothered to send out this response that is only misleading the people.

    1. Well, when Manish says Kejriwal got it wrong, he only means that the choice of words in that letter was wrong. The intentions were not wrong.

      AAP only intended to ask for a fair investigation, but in the process, happened to call it fake, but they immediately explained that they don't mean to call it fake, but only hint at the possibility that it might have been fake, and a fair investigation must be done.

      He was wrong not in intention, but in choice of words.

      If AAP wanted to do politics of religion, it had a lot of ohter opportunities to do it. But it didn't. Do you know of any other incident which shows AAP is appeasing anyone ?

  10. Excellent article on the various questions put forth against AAP & the author has explained it completely but then to will add some more points of some questions like Ques No 16, On why was Arvind Kejriwal wife not transferred? If the BJP guys are asking the question i would like to ask them when Arvind Kejriwal was a IRS officer it was during NJP led NDA govt's time.So will BJP take the pain to answer why was Arvind Kejriwal not transferred during their time? If Congress is asking should tell the nation why was Arvind Kejriwal wife not transferred in their govt's time? The answer is these are some dumbest questions just to muddy the water. The reality is as per transfer policy's of IRS officer is an IRS officer is not supposed to be transferred in short it is not a transferable job.As of question no 9,On Gujarat fake encounter's? 1, These encounter's are out in open with some important IPS officers turning whistle blower's on how it took place in Gujarat. 2,On this encounters IPS officers where arrested but most of them point towards the brain as the political establishment who are literally roaming free. 3, The most impotent point the pattern and victims who where encountered where of particular community which only shows it was just not fake encounters but targeted community genocide.A message written all over the killings. So the Gujarat encounters is a high profile state sponsored genocide so naturally the most dangerous of all encounters .Last question number 23, on Batla house encounter? Arvind Kejriwal never said about the authenticity of the encounter he just said there are various doubts in the mind of people on this encounter so kindly probe it with a independent investigative agency and clear the air.Does asking for a independent probe make one a anti national. There are around 3-5 cases going on this encounter related to various issues in it.Prashant Bhushan is fighting for a case related to asking for a independent probe but all jump on him as if a immoral thing is done. If this is the issue all BJP people should answer why is Ramjetmalani appearing for Asaram bapu in the court's?BJP should answer why it keeps defending Saadhvi Pragya , Conl Poorohit and people arrested related with Samjhauta blast's and Jamamasjid blast's? They where arrested in related to anti national activities. Does that then qualify as anti national? AAP never criticizes BJP on such issues because AAP feels if there is doubt in any such cases do a free and fair independent investigation's to clear the air with truth.

  11. A Correction in Point 4:

    4. What had Narendra Modi got to do in his speech and banners at Jantar Mantar when Sikhs were protesting against Sajjan Kumar? Really? Where are the banners? Where is Modi's name? He talks about muslims in Gujarat, does that in any way point at Modi? Chor ki daadhi mein tinka?

    There were anti Modi banners in the Sikh fast. But there were anti-Sonia, anti-MMS banners as well. These banners were by the Sikhs who were fasting, and they were not by AAP. Only that when the photo was clicked, that AAP supporter was standing beside the banner. And hence the conspiracy! I hope you add this correction in the blog.

    1. Okay.. Thanks for the correction. I couldn't find any posters on the stage so was convinced that Kejriwal really can not be stupid enough to carry anti-Modi banners to the protest. This further strengthens my point.

  12. OK this one looks like a politically paid article. Oh Yes we are fed up of corruption. Yeah so that means throw democracy for anarchy by Supporting Binayak Sen and Support Pakistan. What does Kejriwal know about Kashmir and sacrifice of our soldiers , its easy to blame army but dude you are nothing compared to the men who guard our borders. They are sacrificing each day to save us from dreaded terrorists. Clean Chit To Mayank Gandhi is a laughable act . The internal lokpal is just a farce similar to what Vadra and Nitin Gadkari. I dont understand whats great with qualifications. Huh If that is the case The congress by far has the best academically proven people and see how they behave.

    1. Well to clarify your claim of me being a 'paid political writer', I am NOT someone who would write a 'paid' article. I have a god-gifted brain which knows what is right and what is wrong. Your opinion may differ from mine, that does not make me a paid writer. And along with the ability to think, I have something called conscience which seems to be extinct nowadays. If i'm a paid writer, then you must have been paid to comment as well.

      Binayak Sen? I think you missed the link about Binayak Sen. That simply shows how ignorant you were while reading the article. There is not one proof of sedition against Binayak Sen, and he was acquitted by the court as well. If you really know how the Chattisgarh government is involved with the mafias over there then you might understand Binayak Sen's role better.
      If you still don't know what i' talking about, the read about 'Jean Dreze' and how one of his colleagues was killed in Chattisgarh because he was supporting the tribals. Do you call that being anti-national?

      As for the sacrifice of soldiers, I owe my life to them, It will be the last day of my life if i write something against the most patriotic people. But sir, you have completely missed the point that i've tried to make. Did i even talk about the soldiers? I spoke about governance, is it so difficult to understand this word? We all know that it is the Kashmiri Separatists who have are responsible for this situation, and the government has never taken any stern action. What we have achieved from this is an anti-India sentiment among the Kashmiris (Read the blog i shared). Do we want that? Yesterday Mehbooba Mufti Saeed called Kashmir an Indian 'colony'. That is the level of polarization that we have to act against! Where on earth has Kejriwal or AAP supported any such statement? I hope that clears my point.

      About qualifications, I agree. But then qualifications when combined with some out of the box thinking and honesty is a good combination. 'We are setting the rules here', that supports my statement that we are not following the academic achievements to support Kejriwal, he has shown his worth, and that is why we support him.

      If you are a Congress supporter (I really hope you are not), then please clear your stand on Vadra, Black money, RTI, Salman Khurshid etc etc.
      If you are a BJP supporter, please tell me why Modi changed the Lokayukta act, did not support the RTI act. This would be enough to challenge your brain.


    2. If lack of proof and acquittal by court = innocence, then why does Kejriwal still claim Narendra Modi to be communal and responsible for 2002 riots?

    3. Mr SuCHAK - you are a complete fool, Arvind kejriwal never said MODI is communal. This is BJP paid worker who has spreaded the wrong message.

      And you guys think we should vote for BJP just because we are fade up of Congress? or because MODI has done good work in Gujrat? MODI intension can be good but his supporting so called "NETA" are not going to allow him to do anything. and more over it is very hard for him to get majority because in south he is complete blank.

      Now the question is then to whom we should elect in 2014, the answer is clear, if BJP field the clean candiate prepare a good manifesto then people will sure vote for BJP and if they just want to vote on the name of Mr. MODI then please forget it. In that case we will choose the best among option

  13. excellent I got most of doubts cleared and satisfied

  14. Thanks for this post. Excellent analysis.

  15. What a compilation Manish................Hats off to you for your efforts................

  16. What most AAP supporters don't get is that while AAP may, in itself not be a bad party, the fact remains that Not Voting for Narendra Modi = Voting for Rahul Gandhi for PM and that would be a much bigger disaster for India than having a Vijay Goel or Harshwardhan as CM of Delhi

    1. Do you understand the difference between Vidhan Sabha election and Lok Sabha election ??

  17. Few important point to add on Bukhari issue and its will finish that off for always:
    1) Bukhari did support for BJP also in 2004 LS elections and called upon Muslims to vote for BJP.
    2) BJP?Congress have been ruling in Delhi since last time then why not they are doing any thing against him ? What stopped you from arresting him if he has so many cases against him ? He did encroached some property but again MCD was ruled by BJP !! They along with Cong should do something on this.
    3) Bukhari has lost his credibility in Muslims long ago !! So Please don't align him with Muslims in any way !! He is a leader that do politics on Muslim votes only.

  18. nice one well elaborated with facts

  19. Manish, thanks so much for this comprehensive site. Truly appreciate your spirit and hard work behind this.

  20. Respect ur effort, however anger, hatred, bullish language.
    You have answered in political language. You can take it anyway very defensive. Remember my friend there is no grey either it is black or white. Yes or No!
    AK has honor but in bad hands his desire will shrink the ship. These answers can only hypnotize for time being not permanent. I will wait for the day when u come to know yourself and say why I supported AAP urf AK.
    saying worthless que is easy way out, you become a politician already by dodging.

  21. Bigger challenge of this country to get rid of HINDU and MUSLIM. These politicians have injected lot of hate in our blood about these. We must get out of this to reliase the truth. BJP and Congress can not give any future because they are full of criminals, and they are still doing the same divde and rule on the name of HINDU MUSLIM.

  22. Excellent article!
    But by writing this you may deprive thousands of parrots of their jobs! Yes those paid BJP trolls whose job is to just keep posting such useless allegations/questions like parrots all day and night!


  24. Congrats Manish!!! a very good compilation

  25. Wow thanks a lot man. We all appreciate the hard work you have done.

  26. good write up :)

    I was reading AK's "Swaraj" in which he says his senior official was transferred when they had found tax fraud of one MNC. if thats the case with a senior official then AK should be a real tough nut for congies or BJP such that they could not get him transferred even though he was such a honest official.
    this has quite surprised me after i read his book.

    question 1.
    as per the document you have shared 5.3.2 says "In Mumbai and Delhi regions, since there are no Class ‘B’ and Class ‘C’ stations, one cycle will be of 8 years. " and as the world knows kejriwal joined IRS in 1995 - 2006 total of >8 yrs. still he was never transferred as per the rules.

    i wonder who can share answer for question 1

  27. if kejriwal has taken 2 years leave and that does not count to experience and we are forced to think he has served only < 8 years does that allow him to serve until 62 yrs? 2 years more than the legal retiring age??

  28. Pandit Umesh Sharma is a Member of Aam Aadmi Party and He is standing in election of MP at West Delhi. He is a social worker in his area and do more worke for neede people.
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