Monday, September 30, 2013

When you go to vote for the Delhi Elections..

1. Do not forget the 70000 crore scam during commonwealth games

2. Remember how international media humiliated India for CWG games..

3. How delhi ruined its moment of glory, and brought shame for Indians..

4. Do no forget how stadiums leaked, bridges started falling.

5. Do not forget that no major hospitals have opened during the last decade..

6. Remember that getting health facilities in govt. Hospitals is impossible..

7. Remeber more malls have opened in Delhi compared to hospitals during 15 yrs..

8. Do not forget how the level of govt. Schools is falling even now..

9. Not a single govt. School is as good as any private school..

10. Do not forget that the poor also need good education, they need government 

11. Do not forget that most of the schools have missing teachers..

12. Do not forget that schools dont have proper roofs, infrastructure, clean toilets, transport, playgrounds..

13. Remember how 60 students are squeezed in a class of 30..

14. Remember how nirbhaya was raped, and how the govt. Replied.

15. Remember that Delhi has become the rape capital in 15 years..

16. Do not forget how insecure you are when your mother or sister goes out alone..

17. Do not forget how much girls hate to travel in crowded DTC buses.

18. Remember thay Shiela Diskhit does not have the police under her control. She can not do anything.

19. Remember that even Shiela Dikshit would never send her grand daughters alone..

20. Do not forget how often you see crimes around you, and Shiela Dikshit can not do anything about it.

21. Remember that Shiela Dikhit had said during the last elections that Delhi police will be under the delhi govt. It's been 5 years.

22. Remember how you are beaten up by the same police when you protest. The CM decides to stay quite.

23. Do not forget if your home is not near the metro line, u can not reach home after 9.

24. Do not forget forget how the tap at your home runs dry.

25. Do not forget that according to govt. Statistics, every citizen should get 250ltrs of water daily. Do you get even 25ltrs?

26. Do not forget that water tanks are able to sell water to us, but the government does not have water. This is the tank mafia.

27. Remember delhii's population is ever increasing. If thy can't provide water now, what will happen after 5 years?

28. Remember how the road around your house still remains broken.

29. Remember how bikers meet accidents due to potholes. The ministers in their cars dont see them.

30. Remember how electricty rates have soared during the last decade.

31. Do not forget how corrupt DDA is.

32. Do not forget the garbage that lies around your house because the MCD refuses to work.

33. Remember how MCD schools lack even the most basic facilities.

34. Remember that street lights around your house dont work most of the time.

35. Remember that there are no footpaths to walk on, except around the houses 
where ministera live.

36. Remember that CP was supposed to be renovated before the CWG games. Renovation has still not completed.

37. Remember how clean the areas where ministers live are. Why cant we get the same standard of living?

38. Do not forget that you spend more time stuck in jams than doing your work or staying with family.

39. Do not forget how Delhi gets flooded in just one rain.

40. do not forget that India's best airport starts leaking when it rains.

42. Do not forget that you pay taxes for building infrastructure and roads. Yet we pay toll for using the noida-gurgaon expressways.

43. Remember tha Vijay Goel was nowhere to be seen for 5 yrs. Now, he has suddenly appeared everywhere.

44. Remember that Vijay Goel never took any issue seriously. Was he even serious about delhi?

45. Remeber that had the BJP been serious about developing Delhi, ths MCD wouldv been a world class organization. Yet we see filthy roads everyday.

46. Remember that MCD employees encourage encroachments to make money. For how long will they harass everyone?

47. Do not forget that not a single BJP leader has shown that they can work better in their constituencies. All of them are as kaam-chor as the Congress.

48. Remember that when BJP lost the last elections, AAP was not even present. They just dont have the power to defeat congress.

49. Remember that the leaders of AAP are the ones who fought against the BJP and 
Congress for Janlokpal bill. Saari parties ne dhokha dia.

50. Do not forget that Delhi, being an.intenational city, does not have even basic amenities like toilets. 

51. Remember how you went to restaurants and malls just to go to the toilet because the govt wants you to do it on the roads.

52. Remember how badly Delhi's traffic is managed because the police is not under the govt. 

53. Remember how you the govt. Failed to bring any traffic policy in 15 yrs.

54. Remember how you had to pay bribes to get your driving license.

55. Do not forget that the same traffic police made sure there was not a single trafgic jam during te commonwealth games...

And the list will keep building..!

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  1. This list applies to most parts of our country. We as voters should remember all these before voting for any corrupt parties.