Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The much needed blunder

Just when everything seemed to be going fine, bang came the news of AAP seeking support of a Muslim cleric, Taqeer Raza Khan, well known for inciting violence in a state which has become quite infamous for such incidents. Being a die-hard AAP supporter, I was very disappointed to see AAP indulging in vote bank politics, something that they have always tried to stay away from.

To understand who Taqeer Raza Khan is and it's association with AAP please go through the following links:

So a party that is going to contest it's first ever elections goes to a Muslim leader who is seen as a threat to India's integrity. Yes, there are muslims in Delhi, somewhere around 14-18%. The rest of the population comprises mainly of Hindus and Sikhs which form almost 80% of the total electoral population (Source: Muslim population distribution).
From the public outrage that has followed after the meeting, it seems clear that any political party, that too a new one, would never intentionally lose 80% votes to get 18% votes! Why on earth would a person appease muslims in a state(UT) where they form only 1/6th of the population?! Defies all logic. The ones who are crying over this should be intelligent enough to understand this class 4 mathematics problem.

But no, it is not the number-game right now. It is a lot more serious. They have moved from secularism to communalism! Seems so. But if this is communalism (allegiance to one's own ethnic group rather than to the wider society), then they should focus only on Muslims to get votes. But they don't seem to be doing that either. They have equally focused on Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. So if Hindus are getting insecure because AAP is focusing on Muslims and Sikhs, don't you think that Muslims feel the same when a party propagates Hindutva and it's leader calls himself a 'Hindu Nationalist'? (A statement that has been criticized even by the high court) We are ready to kill but not ready to accept an equal society. Equality based on religion is still a myth and while AAP has been trying to support all religions by providing them equal representation, all the good initiatives are being over-shadowed by a single mistake.

Being an Indian, it is not usual for me to see a political party giving an official statement quite opposite from what you expect. Since this was an extremely tricky issue, I was expecting that AAP would dodge the issue and defend it's association with Taqeer Khan in an attempt to retain the muslim votes and at the same time pacify the Hindus. But surprisingly, they decided to kick the controversy by totally distancing itself from Taqeer and reiterating the fact that they are not here to play vote bank politics. Had it really wanted to focus on muslim votes, it should have ideally chosen the middle path similar to what the Congress does, but instead it has clarified its stand completely. Is this really vote bank politics?

Amidst all this furore, how many of us know that AAP has challenged the conventional system of giving tickets based on religious majority in a constituency. Shazia Ilmi has been chosen to fight from a constituency that has more a Hindu majority population. How often have we seen Congress and BJP doing the same?

If you read blogs regularly, specially the ones written against Kejriwal, you will find that even earlier there have been allegations of Kejriwal convincing Imam Bukhari (another person whose speeches have been considered inflammatory). But there has not been a single proof of Kejriwal getting his support, or convincing him to join AAP. If public sightings are seen as proof, then do remember that Kejriwal meets sikh and Hindu leaders as well. Does that mean he is propagating Hindutva as well? If he speaks against violence in UP and Gujarat, then he does the same for 1984 sikh riots as well. How many times has congress or BJP cared to investigate the 1984 massacre? Both of them have been in power for more than 5 years since 1984. This is called vote bank politics when you choose the middle path, neither prove guilty, nor innocent.

Yes, Kejriwal did seek support from muslims who are very intellectual and renowned. AAP itself released a statement declaring how it has gained support from the educated muslims and not the 'religious' factions of the society. (Press release )

Kejriwal seemed clueless in an interview shown on TV and said that he did not know about this person. Any good politician would've decided to stay away from the media after committing this mistake, but since Kejriwal is new to politics, he decided to come on TV, be interviewed and admit his mistake. Whether he was lying about not knowing Taqeer Raza Khan will remain a mystery, but the leader himself came out to admit his mistake. That is how an aam-aadmi would behave.

On one side we have the Congress, which wanted to wipe out the Sikhs, and always played its pseudo-secular card before elections to show how muslim friendly they are. On the other side we have the BJP which has suddenly started showing it's secular side after realizing that wooing only Hindus will not get them to power in India and so they will have to focus on muslims as well. More than being communal, both the parties are anti-India. How much time does it take to send those who speak against India to jail? Or hang the culprits of a riot? If Taqeer Raza is so dangerous, then why didn't the BJP and Congress ban his organization? Why weren't the charges against him proven in court?! They themselves are playing vote bank politics! Both the parties have had enough chances to show 'Indianism', but sadly none did. And now when a party is trying to put India as its main agenda, these parties just can not digest it, and so every issue is being blown out of proportion.

Infact, Kumar Vishwas was shown insulting Lord Shiva in some videos by a BJP-wing called Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. The videos were cut to form 30 second long clips so that they appear to be insulting Hinduism. Sadly, what they did not know is that Kumar Vishwas had only repeated a joke that had been telecast on DD National by the all so famous Surendra Sharma. A hindu poet being shown as anti-Hindu by the BJP. What nonsense is this party into!

We have seen the world from the 'majority' point of view. Would I, being in the majority, choose a party that has in the past opposed my religion? Never. And that is why the world from the 'minority' point of view does not seem to be pretty. Would i choose a party that has its roots in RSS and openly justifies it's anti-minority stand? Never.

The members refused to come on TV to answer these questions. You might say it is wrong, but how many times will they clarify the same issue, that too when the official statement has already been released. They can enter debates and be humiliated and called 'sleazeballs' by people like Subramaniam Swamy, but is this the dirty politics that you expect them to jump into? Justifying their statement, appeasing muslims and hindus on TV, that is not AAP. Where were these people when Arvind invited them for an open debate?
Update: Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh were seen on TV just one day after the incident, so these only proves that they are not running away from any issue. Faith in AAP reinstated, yet again!

So it was being assumed that AAP will not commit such mistakes.  Not only has this blunder waken them up, it has also made them realize that people will not follow AAP blindly. Every move, every step, every decision will be questioned and challenged by its supporters and haters and it can not get away with such mistakes. They will have to justify themselves in front of the people whom they are going to represent, and that according to Arvind Kejriwal is true democracy, when people get to particpate in decision-making, be it only a small political party. Being politically correct all the time is an ideal scenario and such mistakes are bound to happen. But what is important is that they correct these mistakes and show the same transparency as before.

They needed this blunder to reinstate their ideology, to realize that the people can not be taken for granted and that they can not appease any communal force just to get votes, because for every such vote they will get, they will lose 10 more. Now is their real test and they have to come back strongly.

Being an AAP supporter, I am ready to give them another chance before my faith from the political system ends. Religion is not what AAP has to focus on. They are doing brilliantly well and such issues should not divert us from the real goal, which is to serve humanity irrespective of religious boundaries. I hope they will always stick to their ideology, I hope you will give them another chance.


  1. The blog says it all , It is pretty clear that all the political parties have had habit of seeking minority votes and wooing them but really dont do anything specific one they come to power ,Here is a party which wants all sections of society to unite as group and talk on fighting corruption and look different ways of imporving our lives within the society instead I would appreciate AAP that it preaches non violence which was inculcated straight from Anna movement and speaks of uniting all people of India through peace and harmony ,It is for the people to think wisely and not fall prey to divisive dirty politics played by Congress BJP and other few parties ,Its time to rise to the occasion and set goals to put an end to caste and religious based politics in our country

  2. Nice blog but most of voter will.not understand through it

    How u will clarify with voters.
    No AAP representative came.to in 7 debate on this issue. Why ?
    It has to be addressed via media

    1. Its becoz AAP does not want to get into communal vs secular debate and go away from main topics like clean governance and tranperency required to be discussed now adays which all of parties are shying away to debate ,its the trick of these parties like congress and BJP to divert the attention from main issues ,reason why they are dragging AAP into it

  3. blog well written..and so also writings of krishna3214 why AAP didnt want to participate in the debate on TV yesterday...It is master stroke by AK not to send represntative for the debate..as the debate is unwarranted when AK has clarified on eazrlier ABP news interview and in a sepearte bite to channel ..as the controversy is stage managed by media cum cunning polititians..as they did not find any negative aspects of AAP..a issue was blow out of propotion i,e they have made mountain out of a mole hill of issues involving communal angle

  4. Once you become a Leader of a Political Party, you need to be careful whom you associate with even by ignorance. There are photographs galore catching politicians and even Top Cops rubbing shoulders with undesirable and criminal elements. This becomes all the more during election times when every opportunity will be grabbed by the opposition to run you down. The intelligent thing to do is to pre-verify the antecedents of the person you are meeting by design and not a chance encounter, Will Arvind Kejriwal learn a lesson from this is the most important question, we, as his diehard followers are facing.

  5. The logic is actually counter-intuitive. We have a very well oiled Indian media and Indian "intellectuals" who have been crying hoarse that talking about Hindu identity is being communal whereas talking about any other ethnic, religious or casteist identity is secular. So in this backdrop, Arvind doesn't really have to appeal to the vast majority of the Hindu voters, it is well established that they don't vote en bloc. So to charm them use the offensive of anti-corruption. There are other section of the voters who are not so prone to the slogan of anti-corruption. In order to placate them you need to think "differently", appeal to their different identities. You find AK reaching out to them through statements about Batla House encounter, Ishrat Jehan encounter, reaching through the infamous Maulana.

    In Tamil we have a saying, குப்புற விழுந்தாலும் மீசையில மண் ஒட்டல, which literally translates to stumbling on in the sand and claiming victory because there is no mud on mustache.

    For once show your class and admit to wrongdoing when it stares in your face.

    AK is no different from other politicians and AAP is no different from other political parties. What more their descent to the nadir is at rocket speed.

    1. This should answer your statement that AAP deviates from its "anti-corruption" agenda when it comes to muslims.


      They have always focused on how the muslims have been neglected due to poor governance and corruption. See for yourself, because I'm sure you never get to see his 'real' face on TV and paid media.

    2. And if you want to see how and why AAP is different, then do watch this video completely.


      Without knowing the "difference" i would request you to abstain from commenting on blogs written by the so-called "intellectual" people.

  6. How are you going to explain the sting operation?

    1. Do i still have to explain it? ;)

    2. Do you agree with Kejriwal's statement that all Media (if not biased towards him) is corrupt.

      Another doubt: I don't know if it is just me but after watching that tape of Shazia Illmi, I do feel that the way she responded before and after the money was different.

      And I won't comment on your blog if you hate it?

    3. To answer your question on corrupt media, I feel that a large section of the Indian media is a disgrace to the nation. The quality and level of programs aired on TV is extremely low and there is hardly any channel that stands out. Facts, headlines, news- everything is twisted to generate more TRPs. Most of them are owned by powerful corporates and politicians, just like the channel that aired the sting. If I ask you to count channels that have always given an honest view without any bias and prejudice, I'm sure you wont need more than 5 fingers. The media bias is so clear from the fact that the sting was shown by all the news channels, but the press conference was shown by none! On top of that, all media houses gave a strikingly similar headline: 'AAP gives its candidates clean chit'.

      None of the candidates or party representatives were called for any interview or discussion related to the fake expose, but the same media had been devouring the AAP leaders when the sting came out.

      After all this, it is impossible for anyone to convince me that the Media is not biased. And since this profession is based on honesty and high moral values, any deviation from showing the truth should be, and will be termed as corruption. The same set of strict standards may not apply to other professions, since they do NOT formulate and manipulate public opinion.

      For me, real journalism is what you get to see in the New York Times, The Gaurdian, Russia Today etc. You will always get a balanced view, without any sensational headlines. That is true journalism.

      I'm sorry, but I did not get your question on Shazia. Please elaborate! :)

      And it's good to have people talking to me who are ready for a healthy discussion. It is a privilege to have people like you, so please keep commenting.


  7. Thanks for your reply!:)

    Sorry for not being clear. Have you seen the sting video of Shazia Ilmi both before and after the donation offer. If not:


    This is something which makes everyone thinks that they wanted her to do something illegal. She understood and clearly denied (we don't lie).

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDpp59U8Lpg (you can watch it after 5 min as I couldn't find the raw footage of the second part)

    In this she also talked about legal documents but now she says it is better to have them but she agrees to help even after reporter mentioned Shazia that the money given to her was to get the work done.

    Do you understand my question now?

    Though it doesn't make much sense to scrutinized details by me or you or anybody else. Specially after Election Commission doesn't find any violation of code but I certainly expect better morals from a party who claims to have a sole motive of eradicate corruption.