Friday, November 29, 2013

Looking for reasons to NOT vote for AAP, here are 20 that you will love!

Kejriwal's voter ID cards, Kejriwal betrayed Anna, AAP plays communal politics, AAP is corrupt etc etc. If these issues concern you more than the development of the nation, then you are on the right track! Let's defame AAP, let's throw muck at them, lets tear their so-called anti-corruption pro-development stand. We will all unite, carry out stings, throw ink and make sure they lose! Let's keep India the way it is, and here are some of the ways to easily achieve it! ;)

1) They will implement 'Swaraj' and give me the power to decide what needs to be done in my city. Please no, I'd rather have potholes on roads, pavements without street lights, houses without water, parks without maintenance. I will let my MLA use the funds to buy a new Audi for his kid. Accountability my ass! I'm an Indian and I don't care.

2) They will pass a legislation to punish the corrupt. Who needs it anyway, these guys are just way too ambitious. There is nothing such as 'corruption-free', the European, Arabic countries are just an illusion. That's what the BJP and Congress have told us, and I'm a bhakt and chela, so get lost, I'm happy. (Are you?)

3) 700L Free water? How is it possible? AAP is fooling us! Well this data comes the RTIs filed by Kejriwal that Delhi has water, but the distribution model has been changed to support the Tanker Mafia. Isn't it really strange that even though Delhi doesn't have water in pipelines, nobody has ever died of thirst thanks to the blue colored 'saviors' called water tankers with Sonia Gandhi's name on them.

Or maybe these water tanks have found a unique way of combining Hydrogen and Oxygen to generate water, only for Delhi!

4) They want government schools to be as good as private schools. Why do I care, my parents can afford private schools! I'm selfish, I don't think about people who send their kids to government schools.

5) Again, they want government hospitals to be better than Private hospitals. Why can't they just stop talking about things that concern an ordinary citizen! Talk about Arvind Kejriwal's voter ID cards, now that is something interesting!

6) They want to stop payments of contractors if they deviate from the contract. Oh, does that mean we will have flyovers, roads, hospitals etc all completed within the time limit with high quality? No! I like waiting for decades, what's the hurry? Leave it, but do you know Arvind has 2 voter ID cards!! What a cheater!

7)  They will slash the electricity prices. Now even the BJP thinks so, so I'm sure the BJP supporters will be satisfied with this point, no comments! :D

8) They have a different manifesto for every constituency. Well, I'm ignorant, I will rather crib about my constituency than participating in the change. Or maybe I will support some other party which has copied these manifesto's, because that party is really dumb, just like me.

9) The other party that looks like an orange flower says AAP is the B-team of Congress, and Congress says it is the B-team of BJP. But, then how have both these parties teamed up together against the RTI bill, against the Jan Lokpal, never investigated each other's scams etc etc. And well, they teamed up against AAP too!

10) They are socialist, communists etc etc. Most people don't even understand the meaning and use these words. Maybe this is why they created a panel of economists to prepare a blueprint for India's economic plans. Maybe this is why they want to support entrepreneurs and encourage new businesses.

11)  They want to have CCTV cameras in police stations so that police cops don't refuse to register FIRs. Oh god, how will the police officials take bribes now! I'm feeling sad already for them. These are simple steps that ANY government could have taken up.

12) They are not ready to provide caste based reservations! The BJP provided reservations to Gujjars in their Rajasthan Manifesto! How can AAP not divide the country?! I will not vote for AAP, I will vote for BJP, because Mr. Modi will do something in Delhi, but what that is, nobody knows!

And even if Harshvardhan knows(which i really doubt), I'm sure he will have to take permission from his Madamji Shiela Dikshit to speak up.

13) Their manifesto means 'big initiatives, big spending'. Well, when the systems will fall into place, revenue will be generated correctly, and more importantly utilized efficiently, then can we not get the money for all this?
If a party can fight election with a budget of 20crores, doesn't it put us at a risk of having excessive money for the city by using it properly?

Oh, who cares! Do you know Mr. Kumar Vishwas travels in Business class and pays taxes, what a shameless guy! The other party leaders travel in personal helicopters and do not pay taxes. That's the way to be a politician, learn something Mr. Vishwas!

14) They are hungry for power. Yes, that is why Mr. Kejriwal used to do street plays in 'bastis' in 2002, because he was hungry for power. Mr. Yogendra Yadav, Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh are not fighting elections because they are hungry for power. They have refused bungalows, cars, perks, because they are hungry for power.

Oh, did i mention that a candidate in the sting said it is not about power, 'it is about serving the nation like Bhagat Singh'.

15) They are communal! They met someone to get votes. Really? More than gaining votes, they have lost votes! What kind of communalism is this? Yes, they faltered, and Mr. Yogendra Yadav has always accepted that they are not so politically mature, and they have made mistakes almost every day. It takes courage to say this on national media.

They decide to field muslim candidates from Hindu Majority seats, and their Muslim candidate caught in the sting operation, when contacted by his 'muslim' bhai warning him about the sting, tells him to forget the religion and release the video in the raw form.

And by the way, very few people know that Mr. Gopal Rai, a very important member of AAP, was shot by some lunatics because he wanted to fight communalism after the BJP decided ki 'Mandir wahin Banayenge'.

16) They are arrogant. Yes, it is time to be arrogant because we have been treated like dirt by the super arrogant politicians. Remember when Delhi was out to protest for Nirbhaya's case, they greeted us with water canons and lathis. Unless we learn to be arrogant against them, they will always crush us.

If you are still not arrogant, then you deserve this treatment.

17) They have 5 candidates with criminal charges. Yes, because they protested in front of Shiela's house. Because they have been forcefully removed from dharna's and their protests crushed. Section 144 imposed without any reason at the site of protest. I'm proud of these 'criminal' cases, maybe these 5 will stop the rapists, kidnappers and extortionists from entering the parliament.

Rs. 50 destruction of public property case on Mr. Gopal Rai. Please government, take Rs. 5000 from me, but do not stoop down to this level.

At the same time, 31 criminal cases for BJP. Ye hui na baat, dekha Rahul Kanwal was right, pehle hi jeet gayi BJP!

18) They get foreign funding. But I'm an illiterate so I won't go to their website and see the donations, because I don't like political parties who are so truthful.
Yes they do get 'foreig funding', they get it from NRIs- NRIs are Indians. Even I donated money, my friends donated. I'm proud to see my name on their website.

Oh, do you know that after reaching 20 crores, they stopped taking donations? Has your party (if you're not an AAP supporter) ever done this?

19) Their candidates will be corrupt. Yes, that is why some of the candidates did not even talk to the reporter (who was genuinely pretending to have been thugged in a deal).

Some say that even AAP did not upload the full sting video.I will ask the same question to Mr. Jha- If he
is so confident, then why doesn't he upload the entire video and justify why the the videos were so heavily doctored and the transcripts manipulated.

20) Anna's video in which he 'thought' Kejriwal is getting money from unknown sources. Well, how many times has the old man explained that he trusts Arvind, but sadly news channels have the tendency to delete those interviews. Even after the video, Anna came out in full support of Arvind.

Even if now you feel that trivial issues are more important than national interests, you could be slightly mistaken. We all know Congress has ruined us, and BJP is no less. What you call a pro-development party has carried out huge scams in other states, Karnataka being the best example where the illegal mining scam led to huge losses.
So when you go to vote, don't just think of what has happened during the last 1 month, but analyze whether your political party was genuinely interested in improving the lives of the people. If the answer is yes, go ahead and vote for it, but if the answer is no, then vote for the common people who have accepted the challenge to rise against an ocean of corruption, because if they lose now, we may not get another hope anytime soon.

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