Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My vote goes to BJP!

The BJP is the biggest challenger to AAP in these elections, or at least they are the only ones eating into AAP's vote share. Their CM candidate seems to be honest and it really is a good move after all the infighting.
To start with, when a child cheats in school he or she is usually rapped on the knuckles by the teacher for following the wrong path. Though the child is only trying to bring herself at par with others, the world sees it as a dishonest attempt. Something similar seems to be happening to the BJP. So let's look at why one should vote for the BJP:

1) They have promised 71 manifestos, just like AAP. Wow, that is innovative from a party that was formed 33 years ago! I won't be surprised if tomorrow someone throws black paint on AAP members because 'AAP used this idea before BJP'.

2) Mr. Modi discovered the 'Tanker Mafia' in Delhi! Wow again, but where was this tanker mafia for the last 15 years? I'm surprised that even the future PM candidate follows AAP on youtube! 

3) The BJP will reduce electricity prices. Oh really? Why did they let Shiela increase the prices if they were so concerned? Or were they given a share by BSES for keeping quite?

4) A task-force will be created for the safety of women. Yawn, yet another point taken from someone's manifesto.

5) Strong Lokayukta will be appointed in Delhi. This one is the funniest. Because Mr. Modi killed the same Lokayukta in his state just 1 month ago. So is Delhi BJP going to stand against Mr. Modi's wishes? And well, why didn't they support Mr. Anna when he demanded the same?

6) VAT will be simplified. This one is very strange because most of the BJP states have not even implemented VAT! I'm afraid they might have to go to Mr. Kejriwal and ask how this has to be done, after all he is the ex-Joint Commissioner of the IT department!

7) Complete e-governance for Delhi. NOOO Mr. Harshvardhan, please do NOT do that. Your MCD spent 12 crores for a shitty website that engineering students are supposed to complete for their second year assignment. 8 years for this website? Please, we do not want another website!

8) Schools will be improved. Do you not feel ashamed while saying this Mr. Harshvardhan? There are 1792 MCD schools in Delhi. Since the MCD is ruled by the BJP, shouldn't you first improve the standard of these schools before fooling the public? For how long will you misguide the people who are 'forced' to send their kids to such havens of corruption?

9) You talk about improving the sewer system in Delhi. Well, this again is MCD's responsibility! 

10) Justice for 1984 riot victims?! Whom are you trying to fool?! The BJP has been in power for atleast 5 years at the center as well as in Delhi with an overlapping period of 2-3 years. Why wasn't justice provided  at that time?! Shouldn't the BJP be ashamed of itself for making such claims?!

11) "85% seats in Delhi colleges shall be reserved for the students of Delhi". Please do not ruin the Delhi University by enforcing such rules. DU is known for it's diversity and an extremely high level of intellectualism. Do NOT ruin it.

12) Mr. Harshvardhan will not probe any corruption charges against Shiela Dikshit. Well, why would they! They are friends after all. And then BJP says they will reduce corruption. 

13) When Delhi was humiliated during the CWG, the BJP vanished from everywhere! Had they really been concerned about Delhi and India's reputation, they would have played a constructive role during the CWG games. But probably again they had some 'cut' in the deals.

14) The BJP feels that the only solution AAP has for all the problems is the 'Jan-Lokpal'. But looking at their manifesto, it is quite clear that the BJP is good at least one thing- copy pasting from AAP's manifesto.

15) The members of BJP screamed and shouted when there was one 'doubtful' candidate in AAP. What they did not see is that they have 31 candidates with criminal charges! While AAP has 5 such candidates, they are only the ones who were caught for organizing agitations against the government.

16) What the BJP is really interested in is Arvind Kejriwal and his voter ID cards. Well, they do not read the newspaper it seems!

17) They assume that since Anna is not with AAP, he is with them. Dear backstabbers, you were the ones who really backstabed Anna, not Arvind. BJP uses Anna's name more often than Arvind does, and as Yogender Yadav says, I wish the same concern was shown by the BJP during Anna's andolan.

18) When Rahul Gandhi stands to talk, he becomes a Shehzada because he is an outcome of dynasty politics. But what about the sons of your leaders who have been given tickets?

19) If BJP is really so committed towards development, then why aren't the constituencies owned by BJP MLA's different from the ones under the Congress. Both are equally bad. Then where is the difference?Every MLA is granted some funds, then what is the excuse?

20) If Kumar Vishwas of AAP is questioned for travelling in the Business class, then can you please explain why your PM candidate travels in a private helicopter?

21) If Mr. Harshvardhan really is a good CM candidate and a good leader, then why has he been quite for 15 years? I doubt if he has done anything other than the polio campaign. As AAP rightly said, he is the Manmohan Singh of BJP. Well qualified in his field, but toothless and powerless once he is chosen. Does he consider Mrs. Shiela Dikshit as his 'madamji'?

22) If you could not bring the MCD to an international level, then how can we trust you to bring Delhi to the level of an international city?

23) Your plan to bring transparency seems a bit too ambitious. Your own ruled MCD could not trace "ghost" employees.

The only point to cheer about in BJP's manifesto is the "Health Plan". This is one area where they have done better than AAP and it really was expected from a person who has won international accolades in the Medical field. 

24) But even there, the BJP fails miserably because despite having full control over the MCD, they have never been able to curb the spread of Dengue in Delhi.

25) The BJP will provide insurance to every Delhiiite at a minimal cost. But before that, please provide it to the school kids who are forced to eat the mid-day meal in the MCD schools because they are the most innocent victims of your corruption. You talk about hygiene, but where is it in MCD schools?

Though the list of questions is never ending, I'm sure that the BJP can do a better copy paste job. If Mr. Vijay Goel can go for morning walks like Kejriwal, then how can Mr. Harshvardhan stay behind! The only hope that BJP is banking upon is Mr. Modi's popularity, but sadly Mr. Modi is NOT the CM candidate for Delhi, and only the ones who failed in their Civics exam in class 6 will vote for BJP thinking that Modi will bring an end to Delhi's problems by becoming the CM. For now, lets hope BJP dissolves with its B-team Congress so that AAP can form the government without any problems, because, we really don't want any party to cut the vote share of AAP.

After all, BJP and Congress are one team. ;)


  1. Do you not have any questions for Kejriwal's about his meeting with Raza, his alliance with SDPI and Binayak Sen, his support for terrorists, Maoists and communists, his over the roof sympathy towards people belonging to a particular community quite visible after Batla and Muzzafarnagar, absence of any economic or international agenda, his party worker offering support to people who donate money against their rivals. AAP can only ask questions, never answer any!

    We all know BJP suffered under a weak leadership for a long time and only now is seeing a figure who can turn things upside down single-handedly almost. Instead of giving a nationalistic figure like that a chance, you support a covert guy (with a lot of hidden motives) who is all Lokpal and nothing else. All Kejriwal is doing is forming alliances with people who are good and who are terrible, all for this hunger for power. This could be dangerous - he is supporting people that can actually weaken the country from within.

    A lot of what you have observed is a direct result of BJP's weak opposition until a year or so back and due to the fact that most of the mis-governance and scams happened only in the last 5 years. The first Congress-term at center was relatively better. Instead of riding the anti-Congress wave, you guys supply wings to Kejriwal and are dividing anti-Congress votes into AAP votes and BJP votes to help Congress continue! BJP is tacking Congress on its mis-governance and suddenly they seem to be copying AAP? Wow! What do BJP write in their manifesto?? That we build solar power cells in Jupiter? It will only talk about problem in Delhi which is also what AAP has done and you call it a copy! Go read the BJP manifesto and read it with an open mind, you will surely notice the difference!

    You talk like a learned guy undone by some confirmation bias! Take it dude, BJP is winning Delhi and center :)

    1. Well, AAP has been thronged by questions every now and then. We have always managed to give answers to every controversy that surrounds us. Even before the party releases it's press statement, the volunteers are able to reveal the truth.

      So now, can a good BJP supporter please counter me with strong solid facts? If this is biased, then please show me the links that can convince me.I'll be more than happy to reply with better links. ;)

      Weak leadership? For 33 years BJP has been a national party. For how long can you justify your misdeed under the hood of weak leadership? Come one, you couldn't find one leader for Delhi?! And if Vijay Goel was not a good leader, then why was he the Delhi BJP's president?

      As for anti-congress votes, we are not interested in those, because there are only a handful left.

      As for the manifesto, I'm sure you can not have solar cells on Jupiter. But oh wait, your party took 15 years of Congress misrule to realize that solar cells can be used in Delhi? Except Gujarat, I wonder if any BJP-ruled state has implemented this even while being in power.

      BJP is not only a weak party to rule Delhi, they suck as an opposition. All they have ever done is some fake protests with onions hanging around Mr. Vijay Goel's neck.

      As for questions related to AAP, please browse through my other published posts. In case you are still not satisfied, go to youtube and search for all the doubts you have. You yourself will change your facebook picture to AAP's logo ;)

      Thanks! Please present 'facts' to support your claims. I'll be more than happy to accept my mistakes.

    2. Mr. Binayak Sen is a renowned doctor who went to serve the tribals leaving an affluent life. He is more of a nationalist than the entire BJP scamsters put together. The Batla House Encounter is a proven example of how the state and both congress and BJP mistreats and murders innocent muslims to bank on the orthodox hindu vote bank. BJP's orthodox hinbdu vote bank politics is so bizarre that it has orchestrated blasts in several places in India killing innocent hindus and muslims indiscriminately, which has now been proved after the Aseemanand, Col Purohit and the entire "Saffron Terrorists organizations."
      We want to tell the terror supporters from BJP, we will not tolerate any more Saffron terror in this country. we want the law enforcing agencies to unravel the RSS hand behind the Indian Mujahiddin, which is actually a figment of imagination used to suppressthe terror tactics of RSS. AAP should come to power and stop all the RSS shakhas and terror centres run by these hindu fanatics and also see where the money comes to them and who are donating them... Common hindus will not tolrate these corrupton of our moderate religion.... we want progress and development of India as a secular democratic progressive nation....We don't want Sanghi hoodlums who orchestrate terror and massacres to come to power and when in power promotes astrology and all kinds of obscurantist voo doo practices in the university curriculum.

      We don't want nanga sadhus rule us, nor do we want the pot bellied banias govern us with price hike. Nor do we want RSS shakha out fits to threaten girls and boys on Valentines day and making lude comments at women and minorities. We will celebrate valentines day and we will celebrate diwali... we don't want the bellari brothers and Yeduruppa to rule us who have sold the natural resources and safeguarded corruption while in power. BJP AND ITS LEADERS, POT BELLLIED WITH CORRUPTION, GET LOST.

    3. Lets not equate RSS with the IM ... The view of the general public as a hindu fanatic ... it primary function is to unite the Hindus as Hinduism faces grave peril in India with the rapid growth of the Muslim populous as well as the aggressive spread of Christianity, but it is true that some elements within the RSS has been indulging in anti-social activities like the valentines's day incidents as mentioned, but lets not judge the entire organization by a few miscreants within its ranks... me being from kolkata know the full impact of the islamatization of India and organization like the RSS is a necessity to counter that threat.I am a proud member of the RSS but iil vote for the AAP... The fact is that what AAP is doing at a political level addressing the problem of the nation ... the RSS is doing at a social level i.e. addressing the problems faced by the majority of the Indian population the Hindus !!!

    4. Oh Come on Mr, Proud Rationalist Indian Are Muslim really innocent ?then who killed Mr, M.C Sharma who was Afjal guru ? was Guru a Hindu ? wht the hell they did in Azad Maidan Mumbai ? why they broken Amar Jawaan jyoti ? why Owaisi give hate speech why he said he can kill all the Hindus in just 10 mins ? why we can't flag hoisting in Kashmir?http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/kashmir-students-disrupt-haider-shooting/article1-1155838.aspx . kind of you ppl are really blind,deaf and dumb and wht the hell you taking abt RSS ? RSS is only organisation tht is working selflessly for India, they give their whole life to work for India. Only B.J.P and RSS can give leaders like Shri Shyama Prashad Mukharjee ,Shri Atal Bihari and Bajpayi and NArendra Modi who dedicated their whole life for India, and one more thing B.J.P never kills Musilms B.J.P IS ONLY PARTY WHO SUPPORTED A MUSLIM SCIENTIST TO PRESIDENT OF INDIA. is it a small thing ? do you still think tht B.J.P is against muslims? only B.J.P can do it.. Greedy ppl like Kejriwal can never sacrifice like this baby B.J.P is always a better party then AAP and Congress. .
      And One thought from a Muslim writer in favor of B.J.P, and i think this for specially for ppl like you

      Some anti-BJP oppose everything whatever BJP says BJP likes uniform civil code. so they hate it, BJP against a rapist. so they support the rapist
      --Taslima Nasreem


  2. hihihuhahaha....sugercoated pepper balls.....nice one manish..

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! :) But it would have been better if u can counter me with facts rather than one word compliments. ;)

    2. Anuj Siha ...pls complete the sentence...ok i will do it for " ******* hain Bhartiya Congress Party "

    3. What an idiot you are ... but good you are clear in your profile intro - "In software..Not due to interest..Just to earn money" .... same is bjp "not to work for people just to earn money" . You defn belong to same family

  4. Replies
    1. Biased? Is there anything which is not a fact here? Do you want the official proofs for all? Just answer these questions, your one liners won't work sir ;)

    2. sach he toh hain Anil Gupta ji..... ab log sach bhi na bole....Aap likdo sach fir and will see who is biased and who is stating facts.../ Lets not follow BJP so blindly.... I have been staying in Delhi for almost 10 yrs now....and dont rembr when was the last we saw Maun Vardhan aur Vijay goel ( who cried once thou on inflated bills ;) saying anything or supporting some cause. ....pls state some facts...and convince....being abusive wont solve anything ...

  5. To the point ...crisp...precise.....and bitter truth

  6. the way you talk and think is very good..keep your good work going..
    dig and posts facts like these.let the spark inside you, glow.

    aap supporter.

  7. Manish bhai this is awesome. I just love facts.

  8. Good work, excellent and honest article.

  9. Nailed them bro!! Keep going! Your blog seems like an eye opener for all the people who blindly wish for Modi to come to power. Modi is more like an actor/celebrity rather than a promising leader. And it's really well said that the Congress and BJP are one. Proud of you!

  10. Awesome Article.. Excellent work Bro.. Keep it up.

  11. Manish bhai..you rock !! Pls keep writting such blogs and make peoples aware about all these to insure they support right party and peoples..

    Thank you.

  12. Very well written article Manish! Good one. Looking forward for similar for Congress.

  13. Great Work Manish!!
    These are just some jealous Modi supporters who cant fathom the fact that slowly but surely the limelight is being taken away from Modi
    Dont let them bother you

  14. Mr Manisha Paul,
    How many years you have gave yourself to understand politics ? your blog says you don't have even 1% knowledge politics. you are saying B.J.P is eating vote share of AAP. Really ? vote share AAP ke BAAP ka nahi hai, B.J.P is not eating vote share of AAP. Reality is AAP is eating vote share of B.J.P. BJP is begger party then AAP and leading party in whole India this time in Delhi too, a stable party never eat vote of a small party. MIND IT. tht's y Congress stand a face to fight with BJP called AAP and the Arvind is agent of Congress. and you are talking abt manifesto and blah blah and saying BJP is copying AAP and Modi and copying AAP etc etc. FYI Modi clearly said in rally of Rajasthan - Ashok Gahlot don't want to learn from Gujrat, due to vanity, I am ready to learn if Ashok have anything yo teach me. then why they can't learn from AAP ek hinde me khawat hai (मूर्ख बुद्धिमान से उतना नहीं सीख पाता जितना बुद्धिमान मूर्ख से सीख लेता है) Modi is a great guy, you don't have status to write even a cheap word abt Modi, first gain ur political knowledge.

    And one more thing for you could be a paid volunteer of AAP, as AAP is paying 2000 each but my comment is fair and spiritual.

    1. Abhishek Chauhan Ji the only thing that makes sense in your essay is when you wrote "BJP is begger party"

    2. I want to vote for BJP in coming 2014 but the problem is that the person who is the president in my area is well known to me. He is from my caste only has won samaj election by cheating. No one likes him and are even boycotting samaj events because of him. I am sure he has joined politics for his personal gain and most probably he is going to be loksabha candidate from my area.
      Do you still want me to vote in the name of Modi ?

  15. Nice compilation...delhites have a good alternative of choosing a non-congress, non-bjp government and voting AAP to power, which whether they do or not only time will tell..but when you look at the national prospective, dont you think we haven't got any choices..
    AAP: To be really frank, AAP at the national level is really non-existent and its for their own good if they donot contest the national elections as within such a short time, it is impossible to scrutinize the members and candidates.
    Congress: After what they have done over the past two terms, anyone who thinks above just his personal agenda just can't dare to vote them to power.
    And if they vote for any other party other than BJP, its likely to be a hung parliament or a coalition cosisiting of 10-15 small parties, which itself will be troublesome to say the least.
    So as far as the national elections go, i believe it is going to be about choosing the lesser evil this time.

  16. Hi Manish!

    Can you please delete the stupid irrelevant comments? It detracts from your excellent article and turns people off from genuine debate.

  17. One answer to all of above AAP is NEW, every party launches with big words, we will see where it stands after it comes into majority. We will see where it is after 33 years.

    I m not a BJP supporter, I do really wish that Kejriwal makes a difference based on his background IIT qualifications and experience as Govt revenue officer, but his manifesto doesn't impress me and looks like more to lure aam aadmi to get votes quickly. He picked up pain points and put in high words without thinking practically. I can surely see his lack of political experience come in way on the predictions made by AAP. There are criminals and most of them

    Although as of know i feel most of his comments are more like "Fenku" with some of which may be strictly implemented as soon as party will come in power but wont stay for long term effectively.

    To conclude I still think AAP deserves a fair shot. BJP and Congress are definitely not one team as they fight with each other like tom & jerry.

  18. Just printing election manifesto will not do any good Mr. AAP supporter. My worry is that if AAP proves to be an another corrupt party then, Indian politics can never recover from the glitches of corrupt politicians. Youth will never ever support educated people if something goes wrong with AAP. Temme wat AAP has done other than blaming? you blame BJP for all the corruption of congress. All I admire your knowledge on politics when you quoted "BJP are the only ones eating into AAP's vote share". Whole India knows it's the other way round.

    I wish a party like AAP should rule Delhi. But AK is not the right person. He is arrogant and an opportunist who does vote bank politics. Do you think, stealing electricity from the lamp post is a way to support aam admi? Is just a political stunt and it cannot be carried all the way.

    1. I think you should do a background check on AK before reaching to any conclusion.

  19. Hi Manish,

    Very well written article, must appreciate that and I am not going to answer your questions point by point but here is my understanding of the current political situation in Delhi.

    For me not just this but every election is interesting and I am following all religiously from past 20 yrs and that is why I try to analyze every word and action what is said by these politicians................I truly believe every party as a whole is corrupt and entry of AAP have really changed the equations for good for common man.

    Having said that I am not able to digest when AK says everyone is corrupt, that is not true. Even today nobody can question MMS personal integrity, that is other point that he is more or less a puppet PM, but he is not corrupt.

    Similarly Congress and everyone else would have dug something or other out to prove Modi's involvement in some scams, but they didn't find anything.

    I also fully agree with AK that to clean the system you have to enter the system and I truly welcome his decision to enter the India Politics. But at the same time in front of me there are numerous examples of people who were inside the system and worked towards its cleaning. Few examples, Kiran Bedi took the system head on and initiated many reforms primarily in Jail administration which are reaping very good benefits. We should be thankful to T. N Sheshan who single-handedly went on to reform the election system in early 90's. Vinod Rai changed the definition of govt audit with his work and ending up exposing so many scams of present UPA govt. Santosh Hegde is prime example of discharging duties with utmost honesty in judicial services. These people have not only changed the system from inside but have shown true administration capabilities to deliver results. What are the achievements and administrative capabilities of AK? And please don't tell me about RTI, that is not the work of one man and not initially started by him either, it started because of one Court ruling in Rajasthan and many people were part of the movement too including Aruna Roy.

    Although not really good analogy, but still first question, will you or anyone else will make a college fresher, the CEO of your company? No, because he haven't proved his capabilities yet. Second your income is X, so you want your expenses to be X-some amount, so if I asks you to handover your home finance to someone who want to make expenses as X+ some amount. Will you do that? No.

    So my problem with AK is that till now he had only showed that he have a big mouth to shout and thrown muck at everyone else without completely verifying facts, no proof of administrative capabilities, and no plans how he is going to fund his freebies offers. We all have already seen the effects or freebies in terms of increasing country deficit because of Congress MNREGA & Farmer Loan Waiver and now Food Security bill. Similarly I don't feel comfortable to give command of my state and country to a person who have not proved his administrative capabilities yet. And the last thing I don't approve is asking for votes on religious ground from one specific community and I strongly abhor this kind of approach.

    Still despite all of AK shortcomings in my perceived view, he is indirectly responsible for changing other parties’ callousness toward voters and this is good for common man and will bring out the changes which are going to be turning point for Indian politics. Prime examples, BJP copying many of the tactics from AAP, reduction in electricity charges, 70 manifestoes, announcement of CM with good credentials, etc. So may be in future in next elections I will vote for AK, if he really performed as he is saying in next 5 yrs, but in this election I am not voting for Congress or BJP, I am only voting for Modi for his no nonsense administrative capabilities and clean record of corruption.

  20. You think you are logical and fact driven, but you are not. Did you find any issues with AAP/Arvind Kejriwal? If you are thinking, it means you are overlooking their mistakes.

    "Utopia" it is. You are a believer. Good for you.

    1. Well I really don't think that I'm fact driven or logical. It is probably your perception about me after reading this post. I have found plenty of issues with AAP, and unlike others, I have written to them every time they have disappointed me. Strangely, I've got a reply every time. Strange because this is the first time a political party has taken the pain of replying to it's supporters and critics.

      I am not overlooking their mistakes, but probably you haven't found out the truth behind the so-called mistakes. Please talk factually, give me facts if you expect the same from me. I'll happily accept the facts.

      If you are a BJP supporter, then please let me know if there is any point that is factually incorrect here.


    2. Good that you have accepted that you are not fact driven or logical here. I have a few queries though:
      1. Did you blog about shortcomings of AAP? If yes, please share those links.
      2. How many questions have you asked AAP? What were those replies? If you do not mind, please share that. Otherwise do not use it as a point (I do not mean that you are wrong. Just you cannot use that as a point.)
      3. How many questions did you ask BJP? Please share that communication. If you cannot, again, do not use it as a point.
      4. When you say "so-called" mistakes, you are making a point that from your perspective they are not mistakes.
      5. If I am not a BJP supporter, do I still have rights to point the factually incorrect points?
      6. You can always say this blog contains your feelings, I will not argue any further. I do not want to argue feelings.
      7. Please add one thing to your agenda (otherwise you will be same as Congress). IF AAP comes to power, we will keep same expectation from them. Will not give reasons, will only deliver work.


  21. Though i support AAP but i would not support the way, you have tried to prove that AAP is the perfect, pure Party with no issue.. This is the way of supporting leads to justifying each and every act whether it is write or Wrong. There are some problems were with the way of working of AAP as well. If you have time go through my post on the below link and share your view if you think any point otherwise.


    1. I never said we should vote for AAP blindly. It is your decsion and should be taken carefully. AAP is not perfect, we all know it. But we can make it perfect ;)


    2. Yes, you never said but from your post anybody can infer as you tried to put all positives without pointing out any single negative or saying \that AAP is not perfect. Now you said so i agree now.

      You even tried to project some of AAP's point which are not postives as positive by countering and comparing with other party . If you compare one bad thing with worse thing, does't mean that bad will become good.
      for Example.

      You have written : If Kumar Vishwas of AAP is questioned for travelling in the Business class, then can you please explain why your PM candidate travels in a private helicopter?

      The counter argument is baseless. Even I am not agreeing no security to any leader or CM. Dont we know that there are some ingredient in society/world are actually curse for Humanity Like Terrorist, Does they or you want Modi should not have any security, Its is not practical thing. As per person's caliber and visibility there is security also required as He is going to fight with those people who are against humanity. Yes i do agree, normal MLA doesn't need extra security n all. So be practical on this counter argument.

      Similarly , Another Point about Jan LokPal , the counter argument you have given that "it is quite clear that the BJP is good at least one thing- copy pasting from AAP's manifesto."

      Man, please go through below link.
      PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the 1st to introduce Lokpal bill in Lok Sabha... Proposing to include PM under the bill... But he was not successful as he never got 272+ MP in Parliament to vote for him remember he was running a collation government.. Please check for yourself. This is what i am trying to say , You tried to project everything that Grass is completely green on one side just by putting argument which looks good while reading but far from reality.

      Hope you got my point about what i was trying to say by following blindly.

    3. Probably because you haven't seen the posts in which I have criticized AAP. :) Let me explain why I'm so supportive of AAP.

      There have been times when something they have done has made me think "One more mistake, and you are gone AAP". Those are the times when I've written to them about my dissatisfaction, and I've always got a good reply. Has any political party done this?

      I have so many points that could've shown how badly BJP has fooled the public. You spoke about Jan Lokpal. It was not ABV who first introduced the bill in the Lok Sabha, it was Shanti Bhushan who did it. Secondly, I do agree that ABV introduced it when no other other government was ready. But sadly, gone are the days of ABV. The same BJP back-stabbed the IAC after portraying themselves in favor of Jan Lokpal. We question Rahul Gandhi and why he has been so silent on such issues, but then Modi has been equally silent on some of the issues concerning the citizens.
      The BJP talks about the Lokayukta in the manifesto, but then why was the Lokayukta killed of all it's powers in Gujarat just 2 months ago, Mr. Modi's homestate?

      I did not talk about security, because the Aam Aadmi does not need security if he loved by one and all. Yes, it is important for the leaders, and I do feel Modi needs it more than anyone. But it's good that you do agree that others should not be provided any security cover.

      I never said that they copied the Jan Lokpal bill from AAP's manifesto. It was meant to be "they think AAP has only one solution, and even then there manifesto has striking similarities with AAPs manifesto".
      Can you quote one incident when the BJP has come out with such a manifesto, and one manifesto for each constituency? They have such intelligent people, what's the use of having them in the party?

      Even the format of the manifesto is similar to AAPs manifesto! If this is not copying, then what is?

      Coming to Kumar Vishwas, he proudly says he is the highest paid poet in India. That is because he has earned it. He does not travel on his money, but on the money pumped in by the organizers of the events. If he has earned the respect, I really don't feel anyone should have any problem with it. He is young, he is aggressive and I love the way he is. Blunt and outspoken, because we have Mr. Yogender Yadav to compensate for his aggression.


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. You are contradicting yourself in comments about some of the points you have written in the post. Also, why are you asking many question about BJP to me. Did i say to you that i die hard support BJP or in any of my Post on Blog i have told so?

    I supported Anna's Movement and now supported AAP in my posts but not by saying that it has all +ves only.

    I am just talking about few points that counter argument which you have given in your post are not actually correct. In reply of that You are putting another -ve point of BJP to me , Did i say that i support that -ve point of BJP.. Why are you deviating the discussion from the listed points.

    I am nor AAP , neither BJP and neither any other's perticuler Party/Person's Die Hard FAN. I am Public and i am just arguing about few wrong counter arguments you have given in your post just to look it better and prove it as +ve Points. Thats it.

    Don't reply with other points of any party which are not even part of this post/discussion ...else it will deviate the discussion and never get completed. I wanted to discuss on some of the points what is written in this post only.