Monday, November 25, 2013

To CongBJPress- With Love- Thanking you- From an AAP supporter

"Elections are won in the last 15 days"- Shiela Dikshit.

2 months back, these lines by Shiela Dikshit in an interview to "The Hindu" seemed like a statement by an amateur politician, completely ignoring the mood of a city being swept by a newly formed party. But with 15 days left for the elections, one can easily recognize that Shiela Dikshit's words had a much deeper meaning- "Last 15 days, we'll defame, embarrass, humiliate anyone who tries to rise against us, because, public memory is SHORT!". But Madamji, it's 15 days vs 65 years now. You'd be happy (read sad) to know that we, the ignored Indian lower, middle and upper class, have learned to spot wolves dressed in a sheep's skin. Let's have a look at some of your blunders CongBJPress!

1) The scary Sting Operation which shook even my faith!

 The media house owned by the son of a Congress MLA from Haryana, also the brother of Jessica Lal's murder accused Manu Sharma conducts a sting operation in collaboration with Deepak ChorAsiya and Mr. Anuranjan, and the Congress and BJP start celebrating. Wow! But wait, what the CBI would've taken 15 years to reveal, the Aam Aadmi Party exposed in less than 48 hours! Looking at the quality of the sting operation, I feel sorry for the person who invested in your cameras and editing. Your illiterate so-called reporter tries his best to get something out from the candidates, but fails miserably. No one accepts cash, no one asks him to come back for a 'talk', no one accepts his 'support', and some don't even talk to him! Had I been him, I would've died of being ignored so horrendously. But now, I can surely die laughing at the insane stupidity of the sting and the editing! :D

Some people, even after the Press Conference, had the audacity to say "Why aren't they uploading the entire video, they are hiding something!". Oh really? So you mean to say that Mr. Jha's editing skills were so bad that he managed to miss Shazia Ilmi accepting money, or Kumar Vishwas talking about taxes? And now if AAP uploads the video, everyone will spot it? If this is how people have started thinking, I think that the Election Comission should keep a psychometric test to eliminate such voters as they are a threat to the nation.

Even if AAP uploads the 15 hour footage, will these people even care to go through the video when they refused to watch an hour-long press conference?

Also, if there is really anything left in the video, then why didn't MediaSarkar upload the full video if it was so confident of it's expose? They could have easily shown the real video to everyone if there was ANYTHING AT ALL.

Others said, that even Kapil Sibal gave everyone a clean chit to Raja after the 2G scam! Well, this really does invoke some thought. But it also shows how these people enjoyed the fake sting, but when the complete videos of the sting were played, they refused to accept that the drama they had enjoyed 2 days back was all.. an illusion! 

The ones who were saying that "the camera does not lie", were suddenly reduced to tears by the same camera. It was a bitter pill to swallow, the much awaited debacle of AAP had been postponed indefinitely and the cynics, without looking at the proofs lying in front of them, decided to call the 'clean chit' as self-proclaimed. Wow! AAP goes to the Election Commission to make sure it investigates its candidates so that it can punish them, and even then AAP is a party without morals? I really feel that there should be an IQ test before people can vote so that they do not question a person who talks about 'Black Money, Cash donations' sitting in a public place like Nirula's! 

And then came the Elections Commission's clean chit as well. Now please call the Election Commission the B-Team of AAP, which is the B-team of Congress and BJP. Lets include everyone and call them a B-team, and so even Obama's party is the B-Team of the Indian Election Commission, which is the B-Team of Samajwadi Party! 

Even in the footage, leave aside being corrupt, the candidates exhibited amazing honesty. In fact, I felt sorry for the reporter when he called up his boss to ask whether the camera has enough backup to record the immovable candidate who had refused to meet him for more than an hour. Poor guy, I don't know if he was even given his day's salary after this failure.

My question is, till when will the CongBJPres supporters try to defame AAP rather than focusing on the welfare of the country? Is AAP throwing muck at AAP really that important? 
What if the same media had been used for showing some high quality debates on development? What if the same media had invited panelists from other countries to present solutions to problems that have been already solved?

But sadly, Mr. Arnab Goswami, also known as 'The Nation', is more interested in debates in which he can shout, scream and humiliate people. Mr. Goswami, be a man and apologize to Shazia Ilmi, because if you don't you really are no better than Mr. CHORasiya.

If the same parties had in fact invested the these resources (I'm not talking about people like Mr. Jha) in finding out-of-the-box solutions for the country, we could have seen some amazing manifestos and ideas. 

And by ideas, we mean 'original', not copied from AAP's speeches, just like Mr. Future PM has been doing by referring to the 'Tanker Madia' in Delhi, and what Mr.Vijay Goel had done when he was in his dream world.

PS: If Kumar Vishwas travels in the Business Class, and lives in 5 star hotels, it is something that he has earned for himself. It is his talent that gets him these benefits, not 'black money' nor any 'tax payers' money. If he is being pointed out, then the next time you see anyone travelling by a plane, make sure you carry out a sting operation and sell it to India News, because you never know, what could become sensational these days.

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  1. Well thanks for writing! :)

    I have always believed that AAP deserve a chance and It is something really good for a healthy democracy. The thing that scares me today is AAP followers (which is a big number) those who made them God men. If the same Arnab shouts against any other congress or BJP person, people love him but if he does the same for Shazia Ilmi of aam aadmi party, he became a monster. Leave alone Arnab, even Nishant Chaturvedi (who sometimes seems biased towards AAP) also think Shazia owe an explanation which she never did (

    What I feel is the blind faith in AAP is converting their confidence into arrogance and that is the first step towards making them another congress (a dictator).