Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fear? Inexperience? Immaturity? What is wrong with AAP after the elections?

6, 16-21 and a of maximum 22. If you followed the Delhi elections closely on TV, these number swill sound familiar to you. No news channel, no political pundit, no so-called journalists were ready to accept that AAP could get more than 20 seats. But sadly for them, after the elections they have been forced to show the positives of AAP even though they hate doing this.

But seriously, what is wrong with AAP? Why aren't they forming the government? Mr. Jaitley is daring AAP, Congress is ready to offer support, one of the Independent candidates is dying to give unconditional support to AAP, and they themselves have 28 seats! Strange it seems, and as Ms. Kiran Bedi says, shouldn't both the BJP and AAP work for the nation together? Umm.. Or is there a catch here? Let's see!

1) The Indian constitution says that the governer is supposed to invite the 'single largest party' to form the government. So which is greater, 32 or 28? So who should first form the government? AAP or BJP?

2) If BJP being the single largest party says it can not form the government, how can AAP do it? Isn't this common sense? Is Mr. Jaitley so dumb? Mr. Jaitley, how has politics changed so drastically? Is the single largest party so scared to form the government?

Had it been any other state, I'm sure you would've traded MLA's by opening bags worth crores in front of them. So why this sudden change of attitude?

Has the 1 year old party forced you to change?

3) So Mr. Jaitley asks AAP to take support from Congress to form the government. Mr. Jaitley, are you pretending to be over-smart, or are you really so dumb? The party that was formed against the Congress and BJP should take support from Congress or give support to BJP?

For a moment, I'm sure you can consider taking support from Congress. But for AAP, this is impossible. They would rather sit in the opposition and make sure that BJP fulfills its promises.
Or maybe, the opposition in the form of AAP itself is so scary, so who would want to form the government! Correct?
4) According to the BJP, if AAP takes support from Congress, it will calmly sit in the opposition and let AAP run the government for 5 years. Even a new born would laugh at this proposal. Why doesn't the BJP take support from Congress? After all BJP was one of the first to support Congress against the RTI bill bringing the National Parties under its ambit, and also one of the first to support Congress' Anti-Jan Lokpal stand.

You were a good friend to Congress in times of crisis, please ask the Congress to return some of the favors by giving you support. :)

5) Does the BJP think that AAP is so immature? Isn't it very obvious that within 2-3 months you would propose the 'No-confidence Motion' against AAP and bring down the government? The BJP being in majority would easily win it with the support from Congress, hence killing the government!

That way you will show how the 'super-smart' BJP gave AAP a chance to form the government and even then AAP could not deliver anything within 3 months.

Sadly, I'm sure some Indians will believe this game. But this time, sadly for you, majority of us are aware of this cheap stunt that is a part of your plan on 'How to kill AAP', authored by the Congress, BJP and Indian Media.

5) But wait, why isn't the BJP indulging in 'Horse-trading' or buying MLA's from other parties for support? Had it been the BSP or SP or some other regional party instead of AAP, the BJP would have offered stacks of cash, cabinet posts and so much more to poach MLA's and gain support.
So please admit it BJP, if AAP says something, it has become your habit of repeating it.

If AAP had said "Yes, we will form the government", every single person in BJP would've made sure that BJP formed the government. But now since AAP has shown how idealistic it is, you just can not dare to 'buy' MLAs, something you are an expert at.

For god's sake, be original, stop copying AAP. :)

6) Ms. Kiran Bedi says something again. With a lot of respect for you Ms. Bedi, I'm shocked at your inclination towards the BJP. How could you forget that this is the same BJP that once played with the coffins of soldiers, mobilized the religious sentiments of Indian and divided the country forever, just like it's counterpart.
Now if one says that BJP is still better than Congress, shouldn't we die of shame for comparing two thieves and coming up with an answer? Arjun Munda, BS Yeddyurappa, is the BJP any better?

Thank you for your concern Ms. Bedi, but please stay out of this for now. Let AAP come in majority and then we will show you what politics is.

7) AAP, by not forming the government, is running away from fulfilling the promises in it's manifesto. Really? By forming an unstable government with an even more unstable opposition, do you expect AAP to fulfill it's promises? The BJP and Congress will threaten to withdraw support every day, is that how AAP will deliver it's promises that require a lot of support and determination?
BJP and Congress, please for once, think about India.

8) Before the elections, Mr. Gadkari called AAP a 'Chillad Party'. I'm surprised that this 'Chillad Party' has given you such a headache, that more than enjoying the victory in 3 states, your party members are busy shouting and screaming on TV shows against AAP and how stubborn it is.

9) An old allegation. Is AAP being arrogant? Yes, if sticking to your ideals is called arrogance, then YES THEY ARE ARROGANT. They will not trade away their honesty, they will not betray the common people who supported them by donating their hard-earned money, they will not go against their conscience because they have given everyone hope.

10) What difference does it make if they take support? AAP would get murdered in Delhi itself. The country would never get another alternative, for everyone would assume that they would join either the BJP or Congress to form the government. Is that really an alternative to the Congress and BJP? In short, it will become a 'vote-cutting' party.

11) The cost of re-elections is sheer wastage of tax-payers money? The Delhi elections did not cost the Election Commission more than 50-100 crores (Maximum upper limit, since the All-India general elections in 2009 cost the EC only Rs.1120 crores). The budget of the Delhi government is somewhere close to 28000 crores per year. Assuming only 1% corruption (280 crores), the cost of elections is wayyyy less than the corruption in Delhi. Still think elections are costly? Then rethink on the money that will be lost in scams during the next 5 years.

Fear is what you see in the eyes of BJP when confronted by an AAP member, inexperience is how they have handled AAP for they have never had an opposition which smiles when abused and never gets intimidated.

AAP has always set high standards for itself, and this situation is what one would call an 'Agni-Pareeksha'. They have stuck to their ideology which not a single Indian party has ever been able to do. It is time to support them and not question their motives, for they have answered their critics every time, in the best possible way.
Instead, let us make sure that AAP does not get lured into forming a minority government, for it may kill a million aspirations, not just in Delhi, but all-over India, for this is the awakening of the Aam Aadmi.


  1. ur right manish paul good observation and it will serve as a reply to all allegations on AAP.

  2. I understand why Arun Jaitley wants AAP get into the muck (28/70 seats, based on support of a bunch of chameleons). Jaitley et al get paid by Ambani bros or TATA or DISCOMS. Buying four MLAs is peanut to BJP. But they won't do that because if BJP comes to power in Delhi and reduce 30% of electricity bill the Ambani Bros will kill Jetly et al, but if they don't reduce the price Kejriwal and Sishodia will not let them live and divine Modi and his trolls might get a tough time explaining that to the voters. This is exactly why many among the BJP did not want to be a copycat of AAP to reduce electricity tariff. Read: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/leaders-bicker-over-power-tariff-cut-bjp-delays-poll-manifesto/1198476/

    I really doubt if the baby-beginner AAP would be able to do the minutest thing they dared dreamed off in the house while these sharks are letting AAP to have power only on one agenda, which is to embarrass and humiliate them so much that Indians will not dare to select honest people ever again? They are trained to disrupt the house and make it vegetative. Indian politicians not hungry for power !! I would rather believe a tiger being a vegan. Thaks for not joining this band-wagon.
    Washington DC