Sunday, December 22, 2013

Every Bhakt should now say 'Namo Namah', because our God 'Namo' has arrived!

There is a new species of humans that has cropped up recently, namely the Namo Bhakts. Strange as it may sound, Namo is not any god, but only a Chief Minister of a state that has done fairly well in the last decade. While they call themselves bhakts, it is important to know the reason behind this new faith.

In a country named India, there was a small state called Gujarat. Even though India had some really bright people in it, it was a victim of infighting between different states, intolerance towards each other's rights and lots more. But the reality was that all the states had been ruined not by the people, but the kings chosen by the people. One day, a person named Namo was chosen as the king of Gujarat. While the other states were fighting against each other, Gujarat decided to instigate the majority section of the society against the minority, thereby mercilessly killing a lot of them. The king, Namo, refused to take responsibility for failing to protect the people in his state, well maybe because he did not have the 'will' to protect the minority. Everyone blamed the king since he was the supreme power and the state was owned by him. Yet, he refused to accept it. Some years later, Gujarat started developing itself and since the other states were still horribly bad, Gujarat seemed to be a lot better, even though it really wasn't. This made some people feel that 'Namo' was the solution to India's problems, and well it really did seem true because India really did not have any other option.

And so was born a new species in India named the 'Namo' Bhakts.

The 'Namo Bhakts' decided to propogate the intelligent messages of their leader, but sadly they did not know what the messages were. Their leader presented India with unverified facts which the bhakts could not understand but their 'bhakti' blinded them.

The majority section of India, which was the majority section in Gujarat as well during the time of killings, hailed this leader. But to take control of India, Namo knew he had to get the support of the minorities as well. And so he wore the mask of the minority.

But the Namo bhakts knew that this mask was just a move to take control of India, and so they never worried about it. The other people who were skeptical about Namo but supported his development initiatives hoped that Namo would someday change himself so that he can live without the mask, for they had no other option but to support the only leader in India.

The Namo bhakts decided to break free. They spread themselves everywhere- on roads, in offices and on a virtual world called facebook.
The Bhakts spoke without any reason and often abused anyone who was against their ideology.

They did not know about the achievements of Namo in Gujarat, yet they praised Gujarat. Spreading fake messages had been embedded in their genes.

They did not understand that India was conceived as a secular state (in fact they did not understand the meaning of the world secular!) and therefore saw Namo as a savior of the Majority Community.

The Bhakts decided to be on the same path as the one Namo had taken 11 years ago. They just did not want to tolerate any other community.

Direct and Indirect attacks became a habit for such bhakts.

They often argued without any reason and defamed anyone who stood against their leader. They started spitting venom on facebook against the minority community and hailed their leader as their god.

They started chanting verses from the 'Namo Chalisa'. They mumbled 'Namo Namah' a million times a day which fed the arrogance of their leader. When their leader misled them, they happily followed.

When an aged person named 'Hazare' wanted a strong institution to stop corruption in India, Namo went invisible. And when 'Hazare' agreed to have a weak institution, the Namo Bhakts and the leaders around Namo took credit for something that was only a disgrace to the nation. Yes Namo Bhakts, you are illiterates who will never understand what the old man wanted, and what your leader agreed to.
This was the same old man whom Namo had never supported.
Infact, Namo had in his own Gujarat killed what the old man had asked for, the Lokayukta. The Bhakts were too blind to understand.

But a few states away in 'Dehli', a new force, which was formed after a split with Hazare, was rising. It was being seen as a roadblock in Namo's path of being the ruler of India. And so, the Bhakts started abusing this new force.
The Bhakts challenged the new force to become the king, branded him as a partner of the opposition and abused him whenever possible. The supporters of the new force decided to stay calm and accept the challenge. The new force had risen, a force much more nationalist than Namo, a force that did not want to divide India on the basis of religion, a force whose supporters were much more dignified in their demeanor and asked their leader to prove his actions. The Bhakts could not digest this new selfless force, for they had always been selfish, blind and uneducated.

The bhakts had double standards. When this new force was formed, they cried and screamed that 'Hazare' had been betrayed by these people. What they did not see was that their own leader, Namo, had risen against the wishes of his supreme. They were paralyzed when confronted by the same questions.

When criminals shared the stage with Namo, the Bhakts were elated. They did not care if the subordinates of Namo were honest and clean. They were happy being ruled by criminals as questioning the integrity of their leaders was against their principles.

Namo was known for his huge 'stage shows' to display his power. The Bhakts were amazed at this wasteful expenditure of the money that itself was earned illegally. Illegal money being spent on illogical 'hunkaar rallies', no bhakt ever asked for transparency.

The stage for Namo's rally in Trichy. Namo bhakt's would never question the source of such income.

Namo then decided to 'spend' money, not on making the lives of the people better, but on something strange- a statue of a great leader who had very rarely been mentioned in history for his efforts towards uniting India. While nobody could ever argue against his intentions to honor this great man, the plan of making the tallest statue was absurd, because in India, a lot of people did not have access to even hygienic food, clean water, quality education and health. Namo bhakts said the statue would bring revenue, but simple mathematics showed that the statue would take years to recover it's cost. Where was the revenue?

But, 'Namo Namah' was an answer for all these questions, for they had never asked questions to their leader.

When India asked all the rulers to be transparent and bring themselves under something called the RTI, Namo again disappeared for he was too scared to talk. The Bhakts were satisfied with the silence.

The Namo Bhakts never visited Gujarat, but believed it to be heaven. Well, it surely was not heaven. They never asked for proof, for they were paralyzed in this blind faith, for they did not realize that in 15 years, any place could be turned into heaven, while Gujarat was still decades away from being heaven.



The Bhakts never understood that while Namo was not inefficient, the others around Namo had proven themselves to be the real destructors of India in the past. Some people belonging to Namo's own establishment (Yeddurappa, Arjun Munda) had been involved in huge crimes.

They thought that Namo would also attack their neighbor called Pakistan and finish it off just like his predecessors claimed, forgetting that the predecessors of Namo had in fact fallen prey to the same neighbor when the Kargil war was started. But nobody could argue that Namo was the answer to this neighbor, for India was used to weak leadership, and any act of aggression was considered bravery.

But what India was not realizing was that they were paving the path for a pseudo-secular state once again. The mask could never be taken off, for it would mean betrayal to the 'Namo Bhakts'. The army of Namo Bhakts will keep growing exponentially, for they have ceased to think before following and questioning before believing.
The Bhakts are bound to cause irreparable damage if the the veil is not lifted soon from their eyes, for they have been blinded by this veil. Their faith in their leader is only making them look like a herd of sheep, following because they are already directionless. The blinders around their eyes have been intentionally placed because the truth is dangerous and can not be revealed. They have been brainwashed and no logical argument works against them.

Yes, their is no fault in following a leader and questioning his intentions. Being a Namo supporter is no crime, but being a blind bhakt is. Make sure you choose the former and stay away from the latter because India has already suffered a lot because of the 'kings' we make and choose.

How to identify a Namo Bhakt? Just go to the comments section of this post and you will find many- abusing, criticizing, shouting, screaming, irritated, blinded and what not. ;)

How to identify one on facebook? Just look for such fanatic links on the profile:


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