Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The real Agnee Pariksha- Principles vs Dreams of the common man

The stage is set. No one had ever predicted that such a drama would unfold after the Delhi elections, yes Drama because some of the news channels and political parties think it really is "drama". And yes, like always, it is AAP which is the reason for this drama. It is good infact, people now have a party to put all the blame on. But is it possible to not get carried away by media reports and for once think what exactly is AAP trying to achieve here? The common Indian citizens are not used to such absurd politics, they are more comfortable with poor governance, fight to be the CM, fight to get in power, unstable coalitions, passing the buck after the failure of government etc etc. Where and why did this issue-based politics enter India?! No, please AAP, do not change us, change yourself, your ideology does not suit us Indians.

Agni Pariksha. Probably that is how I would describe the current situation. On one side, they will get the power to fulfill their promises, something AAP has been accused of running away from. On the other side, their ideology which they do not want to compromise, that too at the very first step of their political journey. Whatever they have faced till now is nowhere close to the current dilemma, because clearly, it is a war between principles and dreams, not just theirs, but of the people. As someone rightly said, AAP has become a prisoner of it's own principles. Before proceeding, please stop watching Aajtak, Zee News and all the biased channels while you read this.

Is the support from Congress really worth considering? Or is Congress luring AAP into it's web of corruption and inefficiency? Or is Congress using AAP as a pawn in a much bigger game, called the Lok Sabha elections? Whatever it is, anyone would hate to be in the situation in which Arvind Kejriwal & his team are right now.

So why should AAP really for the government by considering AAP's offer? Maybe Yes for the following reasons:

1) The Congress, if it lets AAP win the vote of majority in parliament, will not be able to withdraw support for 6 months. That means AAP will have 6 complete months at the very least to show it's model of governance. Had it been the BJP or Congress, even 6 years would not have been enough. But AAP really can make the difference here. If within 1 year they can spring into existence and win 28 seats, imagine what they will do in 6 months when given power.

2) If in 6 months it is able to bring about sweeping changes, which surely it will considering it wants to build it's base for national politics, then probably it will mean the end of Congress. BJP will survive because of the NaMo factor, but for Congress, RIP.

3) Why would Congress hammer a nail into it's own coffin then? If it can not withdraw support till 6 months, what really does it want to show? This is a mystery that only the Congress can solve. No wonder politics was not for the Aam Aadmi till now.

4) The Congress is ready to offer support on 2 main issues, one being the Jan Lokpal. If it is ready to pass Jan Lokpal, then AAP can easily initiate investigations against Shiela Dikshit and her ex-government. This really can be an example for the other state governments who have never initiated a probe into the wrongdoings of the previous governments.

5) We all know Anil Kapoor's famous movie 'Nayak' in which he is sworn as the CM for a day, and how he manages to bring about sweeping changes because he had the will to do so. Can Arvind Kejriwal be the real life 'Nayak'? Probably yes, he can. He can be a dynamic, aggressive CM and show the public how politicians should behave, always as representatives of the people.

6) Can AAP implement it's 18 points if one month later Congress refuses to co-operate? Yes, as most of them are administrative decisions which will be decided by the cabinet. What will be challenging is that most of the promises can not be fulfilled within 6 months. But yes, they can always start the ground work, and even if they are not able to fulfill these promises in 6 months, the mere 'intent' to do so (which has hardly been seen in any political party till now) might help them garner more support.

7) Their model of Swaraj is unique for Delhi, and if they can implement this in even 28 constituencies for 6 months, they might show the nation that MLA's are not rulers, but they are public servants who should be readily available for them. MLA's should not be approached, infact your MLA should approach you for issues.

8) Even if they are not able to deliver their major promises, their involvement with the public can be a real boost for them if elections are held even after 6 months.

9) If the Congress or BJP try to stop a bill which concerns the citizens, they can hold public meetings, also known as Jansabha's in the AAP lingo, and educate the people how the Congress and BJP are stopping something that should be passed. This has never been done by any government and if they are able to do it, they would never ever have to form a coalition government again.

10) In case of major issues, involving the so-called media can always be an option. Chief Ministers and leaders are generally not seen on TV after the elections, but this can be one example of how one should not run away from responsibility and accountability after winning the elections.

11) If the level of corruption is reduced in Delhi within 6 months, say by just 20%, I wonder why the rest of the country would not want to support AAP.

12) More importantly, they will prove that they are NOT running away from responsibility something that the BJP has been accusing them of.

13) People were against Kejriwal splitting with Anna and forming a party. But eventually everyone accepted the reality and started supporting AAP. Everyone later realized that it was a good decision, and yes, probably they will prove this again by being honest and nationalist.

14) Even if the other MLA's are not willing to start the new model of governance, or shun their VIP culture, the MLA's of AAP can really set the precedent for the rest of the country. They might force the other parties to follow their footsteps, just the way they did before the elections.

But why should they not form the government? Things do seem to be very pleasant if they form the government, but they will have to face some of the worst criticism as well.

1) Their core ideology of NOT joining hands with any political party will be compromised, and that really will be a blow to their supporters. A party that was formed against the Congress should not join hands with it. Their dream of changing Delhi will get murdered, and they may not get another chance from the public to do so, but probably their ideology is what sets them apart. If the BJP has never compromised it's ideology by joining the Congress, then why should AAP do it?

2) A huge volunteer base will leave them for sure. But this can be won back by really showing that it was their passion to serve the people that made them compromise their ideals. Probably the loss can be compensated by showing ground work, but what if they fail at both? AAP will be finished.

3) The BJP trolls will bug them to death by calling them the B-Team of Congress. For the ones who stood against their friends against this allegation, it will mean extreme humiliation. The BJP will prove it's point again that AAP is the B-Team of Congress.
Yes, if they don't form the government, the BJP still has the previous point 12 to shout in the media- 'senseless to the core' BJP.

4) If re-elections are held, people might support the fact that they stood by their principles and did not sell them even after being forced to death by the Congress and BJP. But then again, the BJP and Congress will scream that AAP did not form the government since it can not fulfill it's promises.

5) If re-elections are held, people might not vote again because according to some people, they have been 'betrayed' by AAP. Amusingly, BJP being the single largest party is not being accused of betrayal, but yes, it's AAP's fault again. But wouldn't sitting in the opposition be a better option considering that joining hands with the 'destroyers of India' will ruin their 'clean' image forever?

6) The government may not last for more than 6 months, and most of AAP's promises may not be able to reach the done state. For the common Indian who has been betrayed by a million manifestos, won't this be another failure and a murder of all hopes?

7) The BJP and Congress will do everything possible to pull down AAP and ruin it's initiatives and pave the way for a spectacular failure, something they have been hoping for the last 1 year.

While forming the government and running it with perfection with minimum interference from the Congress and BJP seems the best decision right now, any mistake would sweep AAP away from the map of India. Whatever the decision, I hope it helps us construct a better India, even if it means AAP's failure.

As for the BJP and Congress pulling down AAP, these 'losers' never will never do anything for the country. One was in power for 15 years in Delhi, while the other has the corrupt, inefficient MCD under it's control and talks about good governance in Delhi. They say that this is not a reality show that people should send an SMS to tell them what should be done. But my poor uneducated politicians, I hope you will understand that voting for Big Boss by texting is not as important as voting for a better India. Sadly, you people have never understood the need of getting opinion from the public, because for all of you, politics is nothing but a 'scripted reality show'.
Well, I can only laugh at the Congress and the BJP because they are both the same, even though on their paid media channels, they act 'differently'.

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