Sunday, December 15, 2013

The stage is set. No one had ever predicted that such a dram would unfold after the Delhi elections, yes Drama because some of the news channels and political parties think it really is "drama". And yes, like always, it is AAP which is the reason for this drama. It is good infact, people now have a party to put all the blame on. But is it possible to not get carried away by media reports and for once think what exactly is AAP trying to achieve here? The common Indian citizens are not used to such absurd politics, they are more comfortable with poor governance, fight to be the CM, fight to get in power, unstable coalitions, passing the buck after the failure of government etc etc. Where and why did this issue-based politics enter India?! No, please AAP, do not change us, change yourself, your ideology does not suit us Indians.

But lets really see why they are wrong, if they really are. Yes, to start with, as Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely said, some of the decisions are administrative and will not require any support from the opposition, so we will try not to discuss them. Before u start, please switch off Zee News and Aajtak while reading this.

1) "Ending VIP culture in Delhi"
Is ending this VIP culture wrong? No sir, we are used to seeing our MLA's with full security, they have been threatened by Pakistan and if any common citizen approaches him with any problem, he might blow up our poor MLA. And for their kids, let them use the government cars with red beacons, it adds to their status. Let their kids and family members run over people sleeping on footpaths, after all the MLA can not do anything about people sleeping on footpaths, so it's better that his kids run over them and end the problem.

But why has AAP put this as a condition? Because 32 BJP and 8 Congress MLAs will shout, scream, cry and do everything possible to stop any such move by a government formed by AAP. They will show how important security is, and then there will be intervention by the central government, because the Delhi police is under it. So in the end, the Central government will eventually stop any such move because AAP will have no control over the police. The BJP-Congress MLA's get security, everyone is happy, the public is fooled again.

2) "Passing the Jan Lokpal Bill"
Clearly, a majority is needed in the Delhi Assembly for this. If AAP does propose the bill in the Delhi assembly, it seems that BJP and Congress will pass it easily, for they have been honest every time. Right? I'm surprised, if AAP wants the original form of the JLP to be passed in Delhi, and since it is going to form the government for say 5 years, then it should be scared, not the BJP and Congress!

Or is Congress scared of the scams it committed during the last 15 years? I thought the support was unconditional, then why suddenly they seem to be reluctant on this issue?

If they were supporting AAP, were they not supporting their ideology and the issues in their manifesto? Then what exactly were they supporting if they don't support their policies?

Is the Congress not fooling the public by offering support to a government which they themselves feel is not good? But wait, AAP is wrong, because it is declining support which they never asked for.

3) "Swaraj in Delhi"
The core ideology of AAP. What is swaraj? In simple words, your MLA will not make policies sitting in his office. He will have to come out, sit with you, ask for problems, assign funds in front of you, and after the work has been done, take your feedback on it. Too good it seems, impossible as well. The BJP and Congress are not used to such transparency, please do not disturb their traditional way of working. And we as the citizens of a so called booming India should support the BJP and Congress. AAP MLA's will waste my time, no sir, keep your rule to yourself. BJP and Congress will not implement Swaraj, let AAP do what it wants.

4) "Delhi should get full statehood"
Interesting, because this is an issue that concerns the Central Government. But wasn't the letter sent to Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh, the two main forces at the Centre? Did Arvind ask Delhi MLAs for statehood? No. He asked the ones at the centre to make their stand clear. Yes or No, that is what he wants to know.

But why do they want Delhi to be a state? Because the two main administrative departments, namely the Delhi police and the Delhi Development Authority come under the Central government. That means even though Delhi has a government, it only has partial control in Delhi's planning and No control over the police.

But yes, instead of statehood, they could have asked for control over these two major departments and some others as well, creating new states is just a waste of time and maybe this can still be negotiated.

5) "Audit of Electricity firms"
Administrative decision according to me, but probably a warning to the Congress MLA's that you are going to get screwed, do not backtrack once the audit has started.

Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely pointed out yesterday that once a government is able to prove it's majority, then a "No-confidence" motion can not be proposed for 6 months. But will the support till the government is formed? Who can forget the Vajpayee government that lasted for less than 20 days in 1996, after the BSP initially said it will support the BJP and voted agaonst it when asked to prove majority.

If the BJP was betrayed at the 11th hour, can any party still be trusted?

6)Coming to the "administrative" issues raised by AAP. But why have the "Correction of  Electricity meters"
Administrative, no party can disagree on this after the government has been formed. Should have been excluded.

7) "Delhi's water problems"

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